Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Social networking sites are cool, aren't they?

Well I think so anyway. I know there are people out there who don't really get social media. My entire direct family, for example. (Although I recently realised my dad is on facebook, much to my surprise.) It took me about six months back in 2007/2008 to talk my sister into getting a Bebo page . . . I had to help her set it up but I think about two weeks later everyone had moved onto Facebook as the social media site du jour so she immediately lost interest.

It was a very sad moment for me as I thought I was so close to getting her properly into social media. I was like the opposite of a proud parent. Anyway . . .

I guess when you blog you're even more likely to get into the world of Facebook and tweeting because there's a bit of self-promotion involved in all of these things. But I know that's not the only reason why people like them. I probably spend a lot of time on both Facebook and Twitter and I can see the good and the bad in both. I think a lot of people on twitter like to rag on Facebook a bit - and I can certainly see why. Facebook probably isn't as cool. There isn't as much wit on there as there is on Twitter.

But I suppose that's why I sometimes prefer Facebook.

For one thing, if I have something to say that I think may make people laugh, I'll pop onto twitter, flex my finger muscles over my tweetcaster app, and then draw a blank. I am meant to somehow transform and more than likely truncate my hilarious pithy thoughts into 140 characters? How is this possible? I mean, I could spread it out over more than one tweet - and I often do - but somehow this seems to soften the point or decrease the humour.

On Facebook there isn't this same character limit . . . I can make my hilarious anecdote as long as I want! I can accompany it with a photo . . . also without compromising the number of characters. Hell, I can add an entire ALBUM of photos to go along with it if I want. I mean, it probably will take away from the value of my oh-so-cleverly worded statement, but it's an option!

Also . . . people seem to find me funnier on facebook. I'm not sure why. But on the occasion I've posted the same thing on both twitter and facebook, I've got a much better reaction on facebook. I don't seem to have that same appeal on twitter!

I also like Facebook for storing photographs - it basically is my version of an attic filled with old pictures and photo albums. Except much more easily accessible, and with far less spiders and other potential creepy-crawlies and rodents. (Apart from the odd creepy guy hitting on me, that is... Ba boom TISH.)

But for every plus, there's a negative to balance it out and there are just as many things that annoy me about Facebook. I HATE HATE HATE the game invites. They are probably the bane of my life. In fact, as I have typed this post, I received several game invites through on my phone. It's a shame because I usually love invites . . . but not in that area of Facebook. I have no interest in playing Magic Town or Candy Crush or PissoffpleaseVille. And I don't like getting a notification on my phone and getting all excited (it makes me feel popular) only discover it's one of these turds. Not cool.

I also feel like I can post more frequently on twitter if I want. On Facebook I tend to limit my status updates and posts, and sometimes don't post anything for days. I used to be worse, and post every single thing that came into my head. Until a girl I know through my sister mentioned she'd had to hide my posts because I was "always on there". With twitter, I feel I'm among like-minded people who also like to post every thought they have ever had on occasion!

Sometimes I can't be bothered with either of them, mind you. And lately my love of Instagram has taken over from them both - I even played a #FirstWorldInstagramProblem hashtag game, mainly with myself, on Twitter back at the start of the month. If you didn't see it on twitter or (gasp!) don't follow me,  maybe I'll share it on here sometime. Somehow, at the moment, it's more fun to post pictures of every item of food I'm putting in my mouth than every thought that's in my head. I'm sure it will all balance out eventually once the novelty of that wears off though!

Do you ever wonder if any social media site will come along to eclipse Facebook or Twitter? I can't see it - of course, sometimes I'm so caught up in my own little social media whirl that there might already be one there and I just haven't noticed it! Obviously the aforementioned Instagram is up there too, but it has its own little niche different to what Facebook and twitter have to offer.

Maybe the three could join and form some sort of Supersupersocialmediasite???

I really hope not though.

What's your favourite social media site?

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  1. I opened a twitter account, but quickly discovered I have nothing to say there. I really hate how my homepage has tons and tons and tons and tons of tweets from people I've never heard of and don't care about. How do I get rid of them? So I haven't used my account in I don't know how long.

    I log into facebook quite a bit just to see what everyone else is up to. Don't post much there on my own profile though.


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