Thursday, 16 October 2014


I think I've already mentioned me and the boyfriend's love of waterfalls . . . pretty much every Scottish trip we go on we try to find one! The Falls of Dochart is a particular nice one  - it's not a high dramatic fall like some we have visited . . . but it's very long and pretty and you can kind of climb about in it to some extent, like a playground full of rocks and cascading water! (Disclaimer: it's not really a playground and if you DO choose to climb around in it, be careful!)

These first pictures were taken in around March, where it was still very cold...

These next two were taken on a more recent trip, about a month or so ago, where it was a tad warmer . . . as in, I wasn't quite wrapped up as much!!!

The Falls of Dochart run through the pretty little village of Killin and I would definitely recommend as visit if you are a fan of water/nature/waterfalls/all of the above. Visit for more information... and let me know if you've been before or are planning on going anytime soon!!!

What's YOUR favourite waterfall???

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  1. Ah, look at the pretty scenery!! {^_^} I'm a fan of Gordale Scar in the Yorkshire Dales as my waterfall of choice - the whole area is ridiculously pretty. :) xx


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