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Mackerel with "faux potato" cauliflower salad, and individual crustless quiches...
I don't know about anyone else, but I have a real problem when it comes to finding easy and healthy ideas for lunch in work. It's fairly straight forward if you just want to buy your lunch every day and waste money, or you have a microwave in work . . . but what if you don't have the funds to splurge every day, or want to know exactly what is in your meal, or - this definitely applies in my case - there are only three microwaves in your work and trying to heat up a healthy meal involves random guesswork of when there will be a queue on any one day? What do you do then?

Well, I'm going to try and help you out here with some ideas in case you are in the same boat...

  • A Mugshot. This is one of the easiest "convenience foods" you can get. All you need is a packet, a mug and a kettle. Or in my case, I usually replace the mug with a plastic container and just get a cup of hot water out of the drinks machine. (like I said, I'm lazy.) Most Mugshots have less than 300 calories or, if you're doing Slimming World, some of them are considered "syn-free". Results all around! And they're cheap too. I recommend the Tomato and Herb or the Roast Chicken varieties.
  • If you have issues with waiting for the microwave like myself, you could invest in a thermos and make yourself some soup in the morning. I got a flask for the low price of £3.50 in Asda, and after heating up the soup before work, it is still warm at lunchtime. I will have this with a wholemeal pita bread in order to fill me up completely. This has been a revelation for me as I can have soup five days a week and just varying the flavour I choose makes it different. Now I just need to start MAKING the soup myself and I'm golden... (update: I HAVE now started making my own soup and turns out I'm pretty good at it!)
  • Chicken and ham roll-ups with Laughing Cow or Philadelphia as a filling. Low carb and delicious. I usually will have this with some pickled onions (I am currently obsessed with pickled onions) and a chopped up hard boiled egg.
  • Pate/soft cheese and melba toast. I LOVE melba toast and it's pretty low calorie.
  • Tuna fishcakes. Easy to make and delicious, and you can eat them cold no problem.
  • Sweet potato hash/veg cakes - Grate up sweet potato and courgette (I use a julienne peeler) along with whatever other veg you want, fry it up, then add an egg and form into patties and fry these). I ate these cold along with a home-made yogurt and coriander dip.
  • Salad. I know, I know... salads are boring. But they don't have to be. I usually grab a packet of spicy chicken from M&S (the sweet and smoky chicken or Mexican chicken is amazing) and mix it up with chopped up cherry tomatoes, avocado, peppers and some fromage frais. You could make up a bean salad (I like butter beans and tuna mixed up with onions) or my very favourite (and very simple) is low fat mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil. Yum!
  • Cold curry sauce with chicken. You wouldn't think this would be nice cold but it honestly is. I use the Harcombe Diet butternut squash curry recipe for the sauce.
  • Mackerel with cauliflower "faux" potato salad. ASDA do an amaaazzzing chilli and garlic smoked mackerel which can do me a couple of days lunch. I've included the faux potato salad recipe below.
  • Crustless quiche. So easy to make...  Recipe also below! (Don't say I'm not good to you...)
"Faux potato" salad
One small cauliflower
Fat Free Fromage Frais
Extra Light Mayo
Spring Onions
Red Onion
Chop up cauliflower into small chunks, microwave for five minutes and let cool. Take half of the cauliflower and blend with two tablespoons of fromage frais and one tablespoon of mayo. Add blended mixture back in with the rest of the cauliflower and mix, adding chopped red onion and spring onions. Refrigerate until required.

Crustless quiches, step by step...
2 eggs
Low fat cottage cheese
Ham (not compulsory but delicious)
Whatever vegetables you fancy (I tend to use mushrooms, onions, peppers, kale)
Low fat grated cheese
Put ham on the bottom of six silicone cupcake cases, mix eggs together with two tablespoonfuls of cottage cheese, add veg, pour mixture on top of ham. Sprinkle with a little grated cheese, then cook in the office for about 30 mins at 200 degrees.

Chicken, mozzarella and tomato salad, ham, and pickled onions, with a side of fruit...

I hope these suggestions help someone, and if you have any other ideas for good packed lunches, please feel free to comment - you might give me or someone else further inspiration! :-)

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  1. I really need to be better about bringing food in to work, I tend to just buy my lunch everyday which is both expensive and not the healthiest option, either! You've given me some inspiration P, thanks for that - have a great weekend!

    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies


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