Sunday, 14 September 2014


Scotland is awesome and it's time to show you more of it! The other week I showed you Puck's Glen, near Dunoon - next up is the place I visited the very next day . . . Loch Skeen.

Now, getting to the loch wasn't the easiest as it basically is in the middle of a bunch of hills . . . we had to walk up the side of a waterfall to get to it. And it wasn't the easiest of walks, especially because the path was narrow, and steep at times, and also there were a couple of times when the drop was pretty sheer . . . and I'm not the best with heights. But it was worth the view when we got up there finally!

Loch Skeen feeds into a waterfall called Gray Mare's Tail, which is situated near Moffat in Dumfrieshire. We had visited Gray Mare's Tail once before but the weather had been shite and we had taken the other path, which was cut off to the public after a certain point as it was dangerous. We had determined to come back to do the other path the next time we had enough time to do so and the weather was okay.

When we finally rounded a corner and the loch opened up in front of us, it was breathtaking. If a little boggy. Which I learned after I stepped right in a particularly boggy bit and nearly lost a shoe!

We met some sheep on the way back down, although they kept their distance...

Me, with Gray Mare's Tail in the background . . .

This sheep actually stopped and posed for a picture!

View from up high.... terrifying!!!

I would definitely recommend this walk - it is definitely worth it for the view. You can find out more information here:

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