Thursday, 28 August 2014


I've been getting out and about in Scotland a bit recently. I've always been a city girl, by way of a big town, but being in the country, in the middle of hills and glens and surrounded by snow-topped mountains has become something I'm increasingly loving. Because Scotland is so damn beautiful, it really is.

And so I think it's about time I showed you some of it!

First up, let's head to a place I visited last Saturday - this is Puck's Glen, which is near Dunoon. We got the car ferry over (it's not an island, you can drive there but it just takes a bit longer - we drove back), and drove the few miles to Puck's Glen.

 It was a tiny bit magical, like being in an enchanted forest or something like that.

I immediately fell in love. It was so peaceful apart from the noise of the falls. And the occasional other person, of course. (Because you can NEVER escape people in my world.)

The path we chose to take took us past various small waterfalls and through pretty woodland.

And there were some steeper bits too, of course! Although mostly very safe. :-) (When I get to my Loch Skeen post you'll see what I mean!)

After walking past the waterfalls we ended up on higher ground, still surrounded by trees though. Part of me just wanted to head back the way we'd came though, it was just so pretty down there.

If you like waterfalls and pretty scenery, I would definitely recommend a trip to Puck's Glen... Further information can be found here:

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