Tuesday, 24 June 2014


"Motivational confetti", for packing

I like a little project. Especially present-related ones. Especially when they let me do some colouring-in (Yes, I'm a big kid at heart.) So when I get a crafty present idea in my head I like to embrace it. I've made several friends scrapbooks in the past, and then of course who could forget the time I made a mix-tape CD for my boyfriend as a Valentine's gift?!? (I don't know how I'm ever going to better that gift, I really don't.)

So when my sister's birthday rolled around earlier this month, I decided to make her gift into a bit of a project too. She's really into the gym so I decided to make her a themed box of gym-related presents!

It took me a while to decide what presents to actually buy to put in the box, but I had a couple of ideas. The box ended up holding the following:

Cafepress top
  • Red padlock (I know, it sounds boring. I wanted to get her a really cool padlock for using at the gym lockers but apparently, there's no such thing! It's definitely an untapped market as far as I'm concerned. A plain bright red one had to suffice.) (Ebay is your best bet for these.)
  • A zebra print popband. (I'm a big fan of these hair accessories, and my sister is a big fan of animal print. Their customer service is also pretty spot-on - I didn't receive my delivery first time around and they sent me out a new package as soon as I let them know, no questions asked.)
  • A selection of protein bars. (These aren't cheap so I figured she'd appreciate this.)
  • Jillian Michael - Yoga Meltdown [DVD] yoga dvd. (She'd mentioned wanting to get a yoga dvd to help stretch her after her intense workouts. That being said, given that I know what Jillian's workouts can be like, it might just be more like torture.)
  • Red top for the gym. (Cafepress has some AWESOME inspirational tops for the gym bunny. I even used some of the slogans from the other tops to make the "motivational confetti" in the top pic for inside the box - I was bored during the football, okay???)
Obviously there are plenty of other things you could get for a gym bunny if you wanted to try something similar. Other ideas I had? Cute trainer socks, funky earphones, fitness magazines, a resistance band, yoga mat . . . the possibilities are pretty much endless. Once I had assembled all of my presents together, they went in a decorated shoe-box.

I also included a bottle of M&S Elderflower Liqueur, which is unrelated to the gym but I know she loves elderflower flavour and you can't ALWAYS be good, right?

I think she liked it.

Have you ever made a themed gift like this for someone? Would YOU be happy to receive a gym-themed present yourself? (I probably wouldn't be, personally, but I thought she would appreciate it.) Please feel free to share in the comments. :-)

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