Tuesday, 20 May 2014


I'm back on the diet wagon... again. I know I sound like a broken record. I seem to have been starting some sort of diet or detox every other week for the past five thousand years or so, don't I? Yet I never seem to be able to stick to them. The lure of pizza, chocolate and wine is just too strong.

To be honest, it's definitely the wine that has contributed in the main to putting the weight on me. I mean, you're talking about 600 calories in a not-too-calorific bottle of wine, so if you end up indulging in two bottles on a Saturday night after a shitty week, then that's a day's worth of calories there alone, and that's not including the chips and cheese you have at the end of the night, or the junk food you consume the next day to soak up your hangover. Alcohol HAS calories and CAUSES additional calories elsewhere as a side effect.

I was on holiday in Corfu last week with my boyfriend and the only reason I was looking forward to coming back was that I could get my diet back in check and start to not feel completely awful all the time. But it's so hard to know what diet to go on... there are soooo bloody many!

At the moment I'm trying to stick to 1200 calories or thereabouts, exercise regularly, not eat too many carbs and generally try to eat well. I always have to allow myself a treat; I cannot get through a day without the promise of a bit of chocolate or cheese or a packet of crisps. I figure though as long as I a) don't overdo it and b) am within my calorie allowance then that's not too bad.

But then I have ended up feeling like people judging me for not eating enough (some people say 1200 is not enough), or not "eating clean" enough (surely as long as I'm MAINLY eating clean, unprocessed foods then that's the most important thing?). It seems from my "research" (which mainly consists of Instagram and various health blogs, admittedly, and is not based in any scientific investigation upon my own part) that no one agrees on the best way to lose weight or tone up. And, it seems that different ways work for different people. No carbs, high carbs, low fat, high fat, low calories, high calories, certain types of food cut out, all types of food embraced . . . there doesn't seem to be an exact science to it.

So why am I becoming so obsessed in finding the perfect diet? I'm sorry... lifestyle change. I agree that diets are only a short-term fix and you have to see it as a long-term thing. But if I'm going to change my lifestyle, I want to make sure I'm doing it in the right way. The right way for ME.

I just need to work out what the fuck that is.

What has worked for you in terms of losing weight? Please feel free to share in the comments.


  1. For me the 1200 calories and going to try gym works - though I keep the balance at 1200 so eat more on gym days. When I do this I notice a real difference quite quickly!

  2. I lost 3 stone a couple of years back and have managed to maintain my weight on the Slimming World Plan... it's easy, you can eat pasta, rice, jacket potatoes and other complex carbs (preferably wholewheat pasta and brown rice etc) with loads of fresh or frozen veg and fruit, lean meat and fish, eggs, low fat dairy. I do eat nuts and seeds on my salads and have porridge every morning with honey. I avoid processed stuff and don't drink fruit juices (full of sugar) or sugary soda drinks etc. I have cut out alcohol completely and don't miss it :-) Allow myself the odd treat eg a pudding when we go out for dinner. I try and keep active with walking, aerobics etc
    Sounds boring probably but it really does work and I feel great and really have more energy.

  3. I came to the comments section to get ideas myself. :)

    I've been trying to approximate Bob Harper's Skinny Rules approach lately but I, too, like a glass of wine or four.

    I do find that tracking my calories in Myfitnesspal.com helps if I'm diligent about logging. I, also, track to 1200 calories per day and try to up my cardio as I get closer to a beach vacation. ;)

    Best of luck!


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