Sunday, 20 April 2014


Although I've started to get a bit more experimental with cooking, the one thing I don't do much of is try to make sweet things. This is probably because I like to eat, therefore if I create some sort of sweet concoction and it works out, I will inevitably eat it all.

So it makes TOTAL sense that on the day I was re-starting my bikini body diet for the 508 millionth time (Corfu is booked for three weeks time, oh dear), and had been good all day, that I would decide to create something sweet I had been thinking about for ages! Yep, P, you are nothing if not logical.

I've been obsessed with Reece's peanut butter cups since the first time I tasted them, probably about 10 years ago. I also tried the white chocolate version for the first time yesterday and nearly died of happiness. And due to my frequent stalking of recipe blogs and instagram, I have been seeing a lot of home made versions of these. I had some cashew butter in my cupboard and some dark chocolate so I decided that I'd create a variation of them.

It is relatively straight-forward to do, if a tad fiddly, and involves some waiting around between the layers... but they worked out pretty awesomely.

Melt half a bar of chocolate in the microwave, spoon it into teeny cupcake cases. Wait for it to set. You may want to stick it in the fridge or even the freezer to speed that process up. Once it's set, stick in a layer of cashew butter. That was the fiddly bit as the melted chocolate was far easier to deal with than the cashew butter. Back in the freezer once that's done. Once you think the cashew butter is solid enough to deal with, melt the other half of the chocolate and repeat on top. Simple!

After another wee stay in the freezer they were ready to eat... and delicious. And moreish. Oh dear.

Bye bye diet!


  1. PB Cups are my fav! Good for you for experimenting in the kitchen looks delicious :)

  2. These look awesome!
    It would be way too dangerous to my weightloss efforts to make them right now, but I have reblogged/linked to your recipe so that I can make them in the future.

    I would eat them all, and probably hide them from my kids so I didn't have to share... lol

    Thank you for the idea, they sound so yummy. :)

  3. OH wow, these look amazing! I can't see this diet lasting very long... x


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