Tuesday, 29 April 2014


So I got back from Paris a couple of weeks ago now after a five day break there and I still miss it now. (Thank God I have Corfu to look forward to in ten days - the only way to get over one holiday is to book another, right???) So here are some belated pictures from my trip there...

Day 1 - photobombed by the Eiffel Tower...

Up the Arc de Triomphe... an exhausting climb but I bet it was good for the thighs!

Notre Dame

From one church to another . . . the gorgeous Sacre Coeur!

And a bit of street-performance going outside... this guy TOTALLY would upstage me at pole fitness class!

The Paris Marathon in action . . .

Celebrating my boyfriend completing the marathon...

Loving being able to drink in public!

Scared before going onto the below ride . . .


Yes... I'm at Eurodisney! #bigkid

Ironically, we got our cheapest drink in Paris in the Disney complex, who'd have thunk it???
It's official... I hadn't been in 19 years but I still bloody love Paris to bits!!! Can't wait to go back!

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Although I've started to get a bit more experimental with cooking, the one thing I don't do much of is try to make sweet things. This is probably because I like to eat, therefore if I create some sort of sweet concoction and it works out, I will inevitably eat it all.

So it makes TOTAL sense that on the day I was re-starting my bikini body diet for the 508 millionth time (Corfu is booked for three weeks time, oh dear), and had been good all day, that I would decide to create something sweet I had been thinking about for ages! Yep, P, you are nothing if not logical.

I've been obsessed with Reece's peanut butter cups since the first time I tasted them, probably about 10 years ago. I also tried the white chocolate version for the first time yesterday and nearly died of happiness. And due to my frequent stalking of recipe blogs and instagram, I have been seeing a lot of home made versions of these. I had some cashew butter in my cupboard and some dark chocolate so I decided that I'd create a variation of them.

It is relatively straight-forward to do, if a tad fiddly, and involves some waiting around between the layers... but they worked out pretty awesomely.

Melt half a bar of chocolate in the microwave, spoon it into teeny cupcake cases. Wait for it to set. You may want to stick it in the fridge or even the freezer to speed that process up. Once it's set, stick in a layer of cashew butter. That was the fiddly bit as the melted chocolate was far easier to deal with than the cashew butter. Back in the freezer once that's done. Once you think the cashew butter is solid enough to deal with, melt the other half of the chocolate and repeat on top. Simple!

After another wee stay in the freezer they were ready to eat... and delicious. And moreish. Oh dear.

Bye bye diet!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

PARIS . . .

So I'm off to Paris this Friday.

Very excited about this. I've been to Paris three times previously but the last time was when I was 15. In the summer of 1995. Which was . . . well, it was a long fucking time ago really eh? Nearly 20 years in fact. Bloody hell!

The three times I went actually were within a four year period. The first was in 1991. My mum took me. It was meant to be to help me with my French, as I was about to start high school and start taking French lessons. My mum, as a former French teacher, took this seriously enough to make sure all of my siblings went to Paris the summer before the start of high school. Then proceeded to do all the relevant French speaking. (After a couple of days doing the free sightseeing stuff in Paris, she took me to Bernay which is a little town in Normandy, and we stayed with the family she stayed with during our student year. Who all spoke to me in . . .English. To be fair though, I hadn't STARTED taking French yet, how was I possibly going to understand them if they spoke in their mother tongue.)

Then in 1992, Euro Disney opened and there was a school trip organised. I was so excited when my parents said I could go. (It was over a holiday and completely optional - and expensive! - so it wasn't compulsory.) Of course, I ended up stuck with the most annoying girl in the world as a room-mate and had to sit next to her on the coach ALL OF THE TIME, but there were other people there I was friendly with so I managed to still have a good time.

In 1995, my parents took me and my 2 siblings there on a David Urquhart coach tour and that was probably the best time I had. The weather was fab, we made it around some of the sights once again, hit Euro Disney once again . . . I have fond memories of it and I've always wanted to go back, but then as I got older I got the sunshine bug and, as much as I loved the idea of Paris, when you put it next to the option of a beach holiday with (probably) guaranteed sunshine it was hard of me to choose Paris.

But fate has intervened and, due to my boyfriend running the marathon there, I will be heading there for five days. As I have never tried Paris as an adult this could be a totally different experience. Okay, I may be totally skint but, hey, that's what an overdraft is for, right, a luxury/curse I did not have as a child, so I will be able to go where I want, and do what I want. My parents always tended to want to only do the things you didn't have to pay for while we were on holidays (not that I blame them, especially with three kids to have to pay for) so to actually just be able to decide what WE want to do and just DO it is to me total bliss.

I can't wait. :-)

Do you have a Paris memory?