Wednesday, 12 March 2014


When it comes to accommodation, I've always been fairly easily pleased. Despite having stayed in some nice London hotels for work in the past, I was raised on chalet stays in Pontins holiday centres as a kid, and my tastes are fairly simple. As long as I have a comfy bed and access to some booze I'm pretty much okay. That being said, I also like a wee bit of luxury and pampering at times.

An overnight stay on Saturday at Ardtorna B&B ten miles outside of Oban gave me that and much MUCH more.

Warm scones on arrival, complete with jam and cream? Check.

Jacuzzi spa bath? Check. (Not in all of the rooms, ours had one, but the others have colour changing wetrooms, which also sound pretty awesome.)

Fluffy dressing gowns, and towels that were practically taller than me? Check. (I wore my towel as a cape. It trailed behind me. It was awesome.)

A gourmet breakfast? Check, check and triple check! (Hello, poached eggs, bacon and grilled halloumi... ESPECIALLY the halloumi. I have barely stopped thinking about how beautifully grilled it was. And how much I just want to eat more grilled halloumi for ever.)

Gorgeous chocolates with a flavour exclusive to the B&B? Check.

Floor to ceiling windows and an amazing view of the water? Check.

Oh.... and I forgot to mention the whisky and home-made whisky liqueur available just outside our room door. I'm not a whisky drinker myself, but oh my god, the liqueur??? It was like Baileys' older, more decadent, hedonistic and FAR superior sister. There was CONDENSED MILK in it! It was like the mother ship had called me home!

Ardtorna is ostensibly a B&B but it is SO much more than that really. It's pretty much perfect. It's not cheap, granted, but it's worth it for the attention to detail, the thoughtful little extras, the friendliness of the couple who run the place and seem to really care about making the stay perfect for their guests, the abundance of Molton Brown bathroom products . . oh, and there's free wifi too. Y'know, just in case it wasn't QUITE  amazing enough for you yet! ;-)

I bought the overnight stay as a birthday present for my boyfriend through a voucher deal website, having no idea what to expect, except for glowing reviews on Trip Advisor which I was worried had raised my expectations to a point which could never be met. Thankfully, they WERE met and then some.

We both want to go back at some point, hopefully in the summer. It really is a lovely place to visit, especially if you want a romantic night away in somewhere a wee bit special. It definitely has the P Stamp of Approval (and I've never given anything that in my entire blog career so consider that a massive endorsement!).

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  1. Lovely! And you are so right about the little extras. :)


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