Thursday, 27 March 2014


I have a new addiction. Not wine. I've already been there done that. Not drugs, or cigarettes. Or food. Well, not really anyway...

It's Instagram.

Well... it's more than that. It's actually just food pictures on Instagram.

It started off that a few people I followed on there would occasionally post food pictures, like my good friend Dawn for example. And I would be like "Oooh, what's that?" and find out what the recipe was and consider making it but probably not because well I'm mega lazy like that.

And then I started to realise that some people actually almost exclusively post pictures of their recipes. I mean, seriously. Their whole Instagram stream is devoted to pictures of food. Usually (hopefully) complete with recipes. And some of these recipes are actually things I would never EVER have thought of in a million years.

Like... people making sweet versions of enchiladas. (Healthy ones)

"Ice cream" made out of dates. (I'm soooo trying this)

Or people making cookies out of CHICKPEAS. OR brownies out of BLACK BEANS!

Random cakes with recipes including things like beetroot. Or sweet potato. Or just today I saw chocolate peppermint creams which had SPINACH as of their primary ingredients.

This is actually insane. I mean... chickpea cookies?? How does this even work? I've formed chickpeas into cookie shapes before but it was to make FALAFEL, for Christ's sake! Which is not a cookie. Not even a savoury cookie. Oh no, not at all.

Yet, the other day, I saw someone on there had made "raw cookie dough batter" using chickpea and I eventually thought . . . "screw how weird it sounds, I NEED to try this!" I haven't worked up the nerve yet, but watch this space! (Anyone tried this???)

Do you have any idea how many varieties of pancakes can be made that don't contain any flour whatsoever??? I have no idea personally... but I bet Instagram knows judging by the amount of flour-less pancakes I come across on there on a regular basis. Some of the breakfasts look amazing - I discovered chia seed pudding through Instagram and have now started having one for breakfast at least once a week - I use chia seeds, almond milk, vanilla protein powder and (if I'm feeling a bit naughty!) some coconut and dark chocolate chips - and they are so delicious (AND chia seeds are apparently a superfood so added bonus there!). And don't even get me started on the variety of breakfast "parfaits" I've spotted on there recently... they're so beautiful they should probably be displayed in some sort of "breakfast parfait gallery". Even the salads look nice. Even the ones which appear to be entirely made of veg and have none of the good stuff that make salads generally more enticing.

I just want to eat all of it. (And, no, this isn't just because I'm on a diet and therefore can't stop thinking about food!)

Can you not tell, even just from this post, how obsessed I am?

Anyway, I must go now. I am either about to make a brownie out of buffalo meat, or I'm away to browse Instagram for the next hour or so. You can decide which of these options is more likely . . .

Have you ever seen a recipe for a normal everyday type of food that was made out of something you would never have imagined? How do you feel about Instagram? And, most importantly, somebody needs to confirm for me that the whole chickpea cookie idea is not just some giant joke the internet is playing on me!!! Please do share!


  1. Ha, I too share the instagram love especially food pages! I can confirm that pancakes made with egg, cottage cheese and oats are amaaaazing! Also have a look at deliciously ella - blog and instagram - she has a recipe for brownies made from sweet potato - mind blown!

  2. Oh wow I didn't know people posted whole recipes on instagram! This is interesting.

  3. Lisa - I tried pancakes with egg and cream cheese before... the first one worked okay but then it got all smoky in my kitchen so I stopped in case the smoke alarm decided to start blasting!

    Dee - yeah, it's pretty amazing - not everyone will post the recipe but loads do in their comments and it helps you re-think food in a major way!

  4. Hahahaha I'm SO with you here. When I'm hungry... or bored I actually go on the search box and just look for pictures of bavarian slices.

    ...annnnnd now I want one. Oh god. xxx

  5. Haha this is how I feel about Pinterest recipes haha.


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