Sunday, 16 February 2014


Now, you may remember years ago I made comment about Valentines Day and how much I hate it. If you don't remember, you can find it here.

I may be in a relationship now, and slightly less cynical than I ever was, but I am still a bit anti-Valentines Day. So me and my boyfriend agreed to do a card and a little gift, but not go out. Seemed like an okay compromise.

So... I made him a mix-tape. Well, a mix-CD, I suppose it was.

I've never in my life made anyone a mix-tape. But it seemed like a good idea. I had been on the Not On The High Street website looking for ideas for something I could buy - I'm absolutely USELESS at boy presents. But then I saw you could BUY a mix-tape online through the site. I liked that idea but then I thought.... I can do this myself, and it'll mean more. So I did.

 It's relatively easy, just choose some songs that mean something to you both, or your relationship, buy a blank cd online, find somewhere you can download the songs from (I found a website which would let me turn youtube links into mp3s then I was able to burn them on to a CD) , make a cover and voila! Okay, not QUITE as easy as that, I did put quite a bit of work into it.... but I was proud of the finished product.

A mix-tape is a fun idea and I like the fact that it actually MEANT something.

Did you do Valentines gifts? And have you ever made anyone, or been given, a mix-tape?


  1. I love mix-tapes (and still call them that, even though they are CDs)! But what did you put on it? Let's have a list!

  2. I made a 'date jar' - decorated a jar, got some post it notes and wrote down things I thought would be nice to do together...with space for him to add his own ideas..we're moving in together soon and I thought it would be nice for us both to brain storm!

  3. My hubby and I just exchange funny Valentine's cards...never made a mixed tape or been given one- maybe I'll try that sometime soon! Yours sounds fab :-)
    I find Valentine's Day a bit of a commercial racket, and don't get why everyone runs about buying stuff for that day... best to surprise loved ones throughout the year with little treats :-)

  4. Mix tapes are the bestt plus it introduces them to new musicc

  5. Love the mixtape! So personal and thoughtful. And, yeah, inexpensive. But thoughtful trumps expensive in my book.


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