Wednesday, 29 January 2014


To be honest, I think if you know me and/or read my blog at all OR just read my post from a couple of weeks ago (even without the accompanying "flashback" links) then no explanation is necessary for why I couldn't get involved in the Dryathalon happening this month.

It's a very worthy cause, don't get me wrong. I fully support it, and support what others are doing. And I completely admire their willpower! But I just couldn't do it myself. Let me outline the reasons why.

1. I just love wine too much. I could probably give up other alcohol without too much hassle. But keep me from my wine and you will awaken the wino beast that lurks inside me. The beast who can sniff out a white zinfandel at fifteen feet, or hear a cork pop out of a cava bottle a mile away.

2. I would turn to food to fill the hole alcohol left. And it would NOT be healthy food that would satiate me. Oh no. It would be pure unadulterated junk food. Oh, I KNOW people like to tell you that giving up the booze can help you lose weight and I don't doubt this... However, I'd be the one with their face in a family sized bag of Maltesers while typing the Dominos website into my web browser WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO LOOK AT IT. THIS IS WHAT NO BOOZE DOES TO ME!!!

3. Who would I blame for my stupidity if I didn't have the alcohol to turn to??? So I make a stupid, dumb, embarrassing comment and that's all me??? Nothing to do with the alcohol? No. That just doesn't work for me.

4. I find it really difficult to sit in a pub with a soft drink. Especially when other people are drinking. Not even necessarily the people I'm with. They could all be drinking soft drinks too. I'll be staring jealously at the group of people at the next table, who are possibly drinking some vile alcoholic concoction that I would never normally drink in a MILLION years. Wondering if I can ditch my table and somehow befriend them.

5. Cava/ prosecco/ champers

6. Rose.

7. Sauvignon Blanc.

8. Um... the last three were really just reason number one all over again weren't they???

Anyway, just because I have no willpower whatsoever when it comes to the evil grape doesn't mean I'm not fully supportive of those eschewing all booze for this cause. If you've made it this far . . . then I raise my glass to you!

(Sorry about that.)

Who all is taking part?

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