Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Have you ever been locked out of your home before???

And by that I don't mean LOCKING yourself out. I mean actually your lock has just completely fucked you over and you have the key but you can't get it to work in your lock???

Happened to me this weekend. And it was horrific.

I'd been down in London for most of last week for work. Got back on Friday laden with a suitcase. Got in the door fine. Boyfriend appeared, lovely reunion. We headed out about six-ish the next day to retrieve his car, buy booze, head back to mine...

And the door would not unlock. One lock worked fine, the other just did not. The key would fit in the lock but would not turn.

Luckily the boyfriend was very quick to adapt, we went to his instead, bought extra booze en route (there had been some booze we were banking on in mine), I had contacted my landlord and was awaiting some confirmation as to whether I was going to deal with things or he was from afar... I was cool, but still a wee bit upset.

All I could think about was how ALL OF MY STUFF was out of my hands... I couldn't get a hold of it. I had no change of clothing, no make-up, no phone charger (we had to buy me one of those) ... and I missed my teeny little flat SO MUCH!!! I alternated between believing my boyfriend's reassurances that I would get back into it, and firmly believing I would never see my stuff again ever!

And is it just me or does anyone else wonder if people have to prove to locksmiths that they are the owners before they change the lock??? That's a bit fucked up eh?

Or is it just that it causes so much noise that the locksmith knows a burglar wouldn't have the nerve to break in?

In the end, the boyfriend knew a guy who had a brother who could potentially fix it for me. He basically hammered the fuck out of the side panel of the door until it opened. At seven pm on a sunday night this echoed like crazy around my whole building.

Gives me faith it's not THAT easy to break into a flat.

Every cloud and all that...

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  1. How irritating! I assume it's all fixed for good now? Landlords never seem in a hurry to help you out either. I bet they'd do it fast if you withheld the rent. :)


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