Thursday, 26 December 2013


There was a picture going about on twitter today of one of the Westfield Shopping Centres in London, completely and utterly over-run with people. Boxing Day sale madness.

I will never understand it.

Why do people queue for hours to get in to the Next sale every year? I struggle to think of a time I've wanted anything out of that shop at any time of year, for full OR half price. What is it about sales that drive people insane, sometimes even to the point of violence???

Why would anyone put themselves through that?

Perhaps I'm biased because I hate shopping at the best of times. You probably know all about my pavement rage by now. I had to pop in to the city centre on my lunch hour last Friday and although I only went in to four shops, I nearly killed on several occasions.... this was not helped by being giving a row about queuing at the wrong side of a queue in BHS. MAKE YOUR SIGNS CLEARER. I actually almost cried in relief when I managed to exit the St Enoch shopping centre and go back to work, vowing to never ever go to the shops again (as much as I could help it anyway) and never EVER to leave so much of my Christmas shopping to the last minute in future.

I seem to be missing the "shopping" gene so many people seem to have, although I do love spending money. I just can't face the idea of spending hours walking around shops, especially when I don't even know what I'm looking for!!! Earlier this month I was down in London for work and, thanks to colleagues, spent three days in a row at shops, two in Westfield at Stratford and one in Oxford Street. I could have cried by the end of it. I nearly had a nervous breakdown in Primark in Oxford Street because I couldn't handle the people, the endless racks of clothes, and the fact I got stuck in the middle of several racks of clothes unable to move because of the sheer amount of people trying to fit in that gap.

On the second night in a row in Westfield, two of my colleagues wandered off together saying cheerfully they'd see us in two hours. Me and my male colleague looked at one another in horror at the idea of spending TWO FULL HOURS SHOPPING and agreed to meet back after an hour and find a pub. I STILL barely managed one hour of shopping AND managed to set off a shop alarm twice thanks to someone in Forever 21 neglecting to remove the security tag from the snood I'd bought. THIS is the type of shit that happens to me when shopping. And it's always when I'm alone so I have no one to laugh it off with! :-(

So while all the crazy people rush about the shops today, pushing and shoving for some half price item of shit that they probably don't even really want in the first place, I'm browsing the online sales and drinking some mulled wine.

Who's really winning here???

How do you feel about the sales and/or just shopping in general? Friend or foe?


  1. I do enjoy shopping if it's for something that I just want, and don't really need. I don't get excited about going to the grocery store, but I do like buying shoes or clothes.

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Online shopping is the way to do it!


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