Saturday, 28 December 2013


I saw a comment from a colleague on twitter about how he couldn't wait (obviously being sarcastic) for all the "new year, new me" status updates on Facebook that were going to pop up over the next week. And I'm sure we're going to see many of this type of post on blogs all over in the next week or two also. So let me take this opportunity to add to it...

I say this every year. Every bloody year. But 2014 is going to be it.  THIS is going to be the year I get healthy. I am I am I am!!!

To be honest, 2013 was never going to be the best time for me as there was a lot of change, and stress, and also some nice stuff I wasn't expecting:

*** First I was passed over for a promotion for a job I had already had experience doing, so I felt shit a lot and ate a lot of comfort food and drank a lot.

*** Then I had to move flat after ten years of living in the same place and acquiring a lot of stuff. Which stressed me out a lot and meant I spent a lot of time procrastinating and avoiding the issue by getting drunk instead of packing. Oh, and then I had no idea how to light the oven in my new place and also kept setting the smoke alarm off when I cooked, so that sort of put the skids on all the cooking I was so excited to do now I was living alone.

*** THEN I got the promotion I had been passed over for and work got really busy too, so that meant a lot less time for exercise/the gym/etc.

*** And then very shortly after that I got into a new relationship and it's a common theme that you end up eating a lot of crap cos you're too busy kissing and getting to know each other to actually be bothered cooking or exercising. Oh, and he keeps picking me up to take me to work in the morning so even all the walking I do has gone by the wayside. Oops.

So it's been a pretty busy year really! :-) And I've eaten approximately 5 million takeaways in the past ten weeks, and the last time I went to the gym was the end of October and the only reason I remember that was because my phone went flying off the end of the treadmill I was using because I was too busy smiling at a text my boyfriend had sent me to pay attention to actually a) running or b) actually HOLDING ON TO MY PHONE PROPERLY.

But come January 1st all that is going to change. My boyfriend is meant to be training for a marathon anyway so hopefully we can motivate each other to actually stop eating crap, cut down on the boozing, and actually do some exercise! It's always easier if you're in it together.

My sister has been working out on and off with a personal trainer at the gym for the past few months so hopefully she can also help motivate me. I'm never going to be a gym bunny (although I've obviously had my moments) but even if I can maybe get there with her once or twice a week (in between doing exercise dvds or possibly even running) and do the workouts she does, then this would probably also help.

I'm at the stage where I'm very excited about all this healthy stuff. It's easy to be at this point isn't it? When you're googling clean eating recipes and protein powder while drinking wine and sitting on your arse and stuffing your face with chocolate you were given as presents. It's putting the theory into practice which always proves difficult.

But I'm motivated. I'm going to give it my best shot. And I WILL be blogging about it as I go.

Wish me luck?

Thursday, 26 December 2013


There was a picture going about on twitter today of one of the Westfield Shopping Centres in London, completely and utterly over-run with people. Boxing Day sale madness.

I will never understand it.

Why do people queue for hours to get in to the Next sale every year? I struggle to think of a time I've wanted anything out of that shop at any time of year, for full OR half price. What is it about sales that drive people insane, sometimes even to the point of violence???

Why would anyone put themselves through that?

Perhaps I'm biased because I hate shopping at the best of times. You probably know all about my pavement rage by now. I had to pop in to the city centre on my lunch hour last Friday and although I only went in to four shops, I nearly killed on several occasions.... this was not helped by being giving a row about queuing at the wrong side of a queue in BHS. MAKE YOUR SIGNS CLEARER. I actually almost cried in relief when I managed to exit the St Enoch shopping centre and go back to work, vowing to never ever go to the shops again (as much as I could help it anyway) and never EVER to leave so much of my Christmas shopping to the last minute in future.

I seem to be missing the "shopping" gene so many people seem to have, although I do love spending money. I just can't face the idea of spending hours walking around shops, especially when I don't even know what I'm looking for!!! Earlier this month I was down in London for work and, thanks to colleagues, spent three days in a row at shops, two in Westfield at Stratford and one in Oxford Street. I could have cried by the end of it. I nearly had a nervous breakdown in Primark in Oxford Street because I couldn't handle the people, the endless racks of clothes, and the fact I got stuck in the middle of several racks of clothes unable to move because of the sheer amount of people trying to fit in that gap.

On the second night in a row in Westfield, two of my colleagues wandered off together saying cheerfully they'd see us in two hours. Me and my male colleague looked at one another in horror at the idea of spending TWO FULL HOURS SHOPPING and agreed to meet back after an hour and find a pub. I STILL barely managed one hour of shopping AND managed to set off a shop alarm twice thanks to someone in Forever 21 neglecting to remove the security tag from the snood I'd bought. THIS is the type of shit that happens to me when shopping. And it's always when I'm alone so I have no one to laugh it off with! :-(

So while all the crazy people rush about the shops today, pushing and shoving for some half price item of shit that they probably don't even really want in the first place, I'm browsing the online sales and drinking some mulled wine.

Who's really winning here???

How do you feel about the sales and/or just shopping in general? Friend or foe?

Monday, 16 December 2013


  • Pretend Christmas doesn't exist. If it doesn't exist, you don't need to buy anything for it, right?

  • Alternatively, just alienate all of your friends and family until January. Then you only need to buy presents for yourself. :-)

  • Have no money. Because that ALWAYS helps.

  • Walk straight back out of every shop you walk into because you keep remembering that you hate every other person in the world, particularly those who are shopping that day and in your way constantly.

  • Buy things for other people and then realise you bought it mainly because you liked it and therefore it makes sense for you to keep it for yourself.

  • Allot a night specifically to doing all your online Christmas shopping and then spend the bulk of it searching for a new dress for your Christmas night out as you've decided you hate the first one you bought two nights before the night out.

  • Procrastinate over EVERY present you are buying purely because you have absolutely no idea what to buy your boyfriend and are suffering a mental block for ALL present buying as a result.

I may currently be guilty of MOST of these things.... :-(

How's everyone else's Christmas shopping going???

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Have you ever been locked out of your home before???

And by that I don't mean LOCKING yourself out. I mean actually your lock has just completely fucked you over and you have the key but you can't get it to work in your lock???

Happened to me this weekend. And it was horrific.

I'd been down in London for most of last week for work. Got back on Friday laden with a suitcase. Got in the door fine. Boyfriend appeared, lovely reunion. We headed out about six-ish the next day to retrieve his car, buy booze, head back to mine...

And the door would not unlock. One lock worked fine, the other just did not. The key would fit in the lock but would not turn.

Luckily the boyfriend was very quick to adapt, we went to his instead, bought extra booze en route (there had been some booze we were banking on in mine), I had contacted my landlord and was awaiting some confirmation as to whether I was going to deal with things or he was from afar... I was cool, but still a wee bit upset.

All I could think about was how ALL OF MY STUFF was out of my hands... I couldn't get a hold of it. I had no change of clothing, no make-up, no phone charger (we had to buy me one of those) ... and I missed my teeny little flat SO MUCH!!! I alternated between believing my boyfriend's reassurances that I would get back into it, and firmly believing I would never see my stuff again ever!

And is it just me or does anyone else wonder if people have to prove to locksmiths that they are the owners before they change the lock??? That's a bit fucked up eh?

Or is it just that it causes so much noise that the locksmith knows a burglar wouldn't have the nerve to break in?

In the end, the boyfriend knew a guy who had a brother who could potentially fix it for me. He basically hammered the fuck out of the side panel of the door until it opened. At seven pm on a sunday night this echoed like crazy around my whole building.

Gives me faith it's not THAT easy to break into a flat.

Every cloud and all that...