Thursday, 7 November 2013


So you've just been paid but you're skint. Your promotion wage isn't going to go into your wage for another month because of timing. As a result, you end up cancelling the trip away you planned the following weekend because you can't possibly afford the train fare AND to go out without struggling completely and utterly for the rest of the month.

So you don't go to Leeds, as you intended to do. You are a bit disappointed BUT on the upside you can now go to the night out planned on the Friday of that weekend... and you can stay out for longer, knowing you AREN'T going to have to get up early to brave a longish journey on public transport.

So you go to the night out. And of course, there is all the usual happenings. The copious amounts of drink. The inevitable shots. The idiot who invariably drinks too much and makes a tit of him or herself.

The other unexpected stuff that happens. That you're not sure is actually going to go anywhere. And yet it does.

And you're happy. What the crap is THAT all about?

What's next? Who knows. But... once again, life throws curveballs when you least expect it. And sometimes when you most need it...


  1. Everything happens for a reason... 'Cos curveballs are fun!

    Also, promotion? Yeyyyy!


  2. Great post. It's good to see you're happy :-) especially when you needed it most. x

  3. This sounds very ambiguously exciting. Curveballs can come at any moment! x

  4. Well! Intriguing stuff going on in G-land. All the best with that, ladyfriend!


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