Thursday, 10 October 2013


Since I got back from Majorca I have been soooo bad. Eating crap (today for lunch I had crisps - albeit healthyish ones - a bit of Mars Bar cake and a packet of Reece's Cups, which is a prime example of how badly I've been eating), drinking wine and my duty free vodka (by the way, if you can find it Absolut Grapevine vodka is so fucking delicious - you MUST try it), going to bed way too late . . . I need to be good again.

I don't even know why I USED the word "again". It's not like I'm ever that good, despite all my best intentions.

But tonight I've did a healthy online Sainsburys shop which will be with me tomorrow eve. There's cava in it so I will be drinking that tomorrow night. But only enough to do me tomorrow. Then it's only water, diet juice and healthy shit. I've ordered almond milk, gluten free bread, lots of protein . . . I'm going to smash the diet this week. Lowish calorie, lowish carbs and GOOD carbs at that, meal prep. And exercise. Lots of exercise.

And no booze. Eek.

My liver most definitely needs a rest most of all.

Add to that more sleep, not just using myfitnesspal to read other people's food diaries as I have been the last few weeks, finally getting my flat sorted (which is probably easier if I'm not lolling about the couch on the internet pissed) . . . oh, and did I mention I've just been promoted? So there's that too. :-)

Who's in?

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