Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I'm creeping around a bit at the moment.

At least when I'm coming and going from my flat.

Accidentally flooding the three flats directly below you, regardless of it being a case of dodgy plumbing as opposed to your own fault, resulting in the water being switched off in the entire BUILDING for nearly 24 hours, will do that to a girl.

Especially since I essentially fled the country just three hours later, leaving others to clean up the mess. (Thank you dad! Thank you landlord! Fuck you, plumbing!)

So since I got back, on Saturday afternoon, I've only left and returned to the flat twice. Once on Sunday to meet my sister, today to go to work. When I open the door, I do it carefully, listening to see if anyone is about. Of course, that can easily change when you have three flights of stairs to ascend or descend.

I barely saw anyone in the building prior to about a week before the incident, save from the guy who lives opposite. Now I'm pretty convinced I am going to see them every time I leave the safety of my own flat.

The ironic thing out of all of this is I used to creep around my flatshare hoping not to run in to any flatmates. Moving into my own flat was meant to stop this from happening. But now I'm creeping around my building to hide from my neighbours.

I guess some things just never change...

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