Friday, 11 October 2013


Music snobs fuck me the hell off. In this respect...

You find a song via youtube you like because you have heard it featuring on a tv show or film and went to actively search for it . . . is that not a fucking good thing??? Especially for the band or singer in question. Right?

I feel like I must be missing something here.

Because you find an artist because of them having a song featured in some sort of show or whatever, and then you get slagged by the fans who already knew them and blah blah blah.  I'm sorry - just cos you were around since they formed or came out of their mother's wombs playing the ukulele or whatever DOESN'T actually make you better than folks who might have just not been exposed to this band's music before.

Grow the fuck up.

I've liked underrated artists in the past and I'm actually over-the-moon when their song gets played on some medium that may expose them to a wider audience. But you get these twats that think they are so much better because they knew a band from the outset.

So I may find a song (or two) by the Yeahyeahyeahs because of a Homeland or Hollyoaks advert, or come to love a band (Clean Bandit - who I still think you should check out by the way) because I hear their tune on Made of Chelsea.... but then I go and listen to their other stuff too because if a song has piqued my interest I've got to think "well, do they have other stuff I would like?" Much in the same way that if I found an author I loved I would want to check out their other books too. Or the way I discovered Dragonette or Amanda Leigh (Mandy Moore's folk album) through other people's blogs???

It's not rocket science. One of the  best ways to get your music out these days is if it's exposed to the masses in a programme, or an advert, or a film. Just because someone ends up liking a song as a result of that and, hopefully ends up becoming a fan of the musican(s) as a result... is that such a bad thing???

Personally, I don't think so anyway. Thoughts?

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  1. I just hate music snobs but for another reason, I hate people being pretentious and telling me I shouldnt like something! Im not a huge fan of a lot music around at the moment (defo stuck in the 90's and love all sorts of genres) but I would never presume to tell anyone to stop listening to whatever they like! Pisses me off!!


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