Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I'm not a big reality tv fan. Don't get me wrong, I went through my phases in the past. I used to be a massive "Big Brother" fan for probably the first five or six seasons of it. I never got into "I'm a Celebrity get me Out of a Dead End Job Where No-one Remembers Who I Am Anymore." I gave up on "X-Factor" a few seasons ago too. (I must give you all a how-to guide on that at some point).

I have no desire to watch "Geordie Shore", "The Only Way is Essex" or even "The Apprentice". I like my tv a little less down to earth.

That's why I probably was a TEENSY bit addicted to "The Hills" when it was on. And that is probably also why my one must-watch "reality" show these days is "Made in Chelsea".

If you don't know what "Made in Chelsea" is, then it's a tv show - a "reality tv show" (heavy emphasis on the inverted commas here) set in Chelsea, where the privileged lunch, drink, party and shag around. Do any of them have a job? Do I even care??? I fucking LOVE this show. Every Monday night it has been on I have just felt immensely happy. I sit there watching it, making snarky comments on twitter to other like-minded individuals, and I feel a bit jealous of their lives, and their designer ensembles, and their flicky hair and perfect make-up.... and don't even get me started on the girls! (Ba-boom-TISH!)

I love this show so damn much... that I've decided that, from now until the end of this series, I'm going to make every Monday "Made in Chelsea Monday". Every week (if I remember) I'll do a post on a "Made in Chelsea" theme. It will be fab. For me.

And I know today isn't Monday. But that's okay.

Anyone else a "Made In Chelsea" fan???

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  1. I'm not a fan of reality shows either, but my God MIC is addictive! Ollie Locke is the greatest person in the world. Hysterically funny! X


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