Friday, 6 September 2013


So I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the shop Primark. You may already known this about me. I've spoken about it before. There are many MANY things that annoys me about the place, but then when I need a pair of trusty old ballet pumps, a £5 skater dress which would cost three times the price in Top Shop, or a piece of unusual costume jewellery (helloooo rocking horse necklace which ACTUALLY ROCKS LIKE A ROCKING HORSE IF YOU BALANCE IT ON A TABLE!!!) then Primark is one of those shops that you NEED to visit, even if it seems like the biggest inconvenience in the world at the time.
I think that the below tweet, posted by me back in early April, sums up my feelings regarding Primark quite succinctly. . .

Why do I insist on going into Primark when it inevitably makes me stabby? I must be the world's biggest primarsochist.


  1. Great advice. Also, why is Primark always so hot? It's bad enough you're in the queue behind 10 people buying a whole new wardrobe but you have to sweat up whist waiting. Urgh x

  2. You're on Twitter?! *Follows immediately*

  3. This post made my day! I must say I am definitely one of the people who see's the queue and abandons things "I'm not standing in that for a £3 necklace". Which probably proves that what I had in my hands in the first place I didn't really want/need.

  4. Great post! Thankfully where I live Primark doesn't get too busy, if I go early enough I sometimes don't have to queue at all!
    I love having stuff to return as there is hardly ever a queue at customer services, I pay for all my new items whilst returning and I'm outta there :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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