Monday, 2 September 2013


So I know I have been banging on about losing weight and getting fit and toning up on a semi regular basis on this blog . . . but yesterday I started back on it hard. I just was getting sick of getting nowhere, so I'm newly determined to just get on the health wagon and stay on it for more than a couple of days at a time.

And as of this evening . . . I have a new motivation to shape up.  Cos at the end of the month I'm heading to Majorca to spend my birthday abroad with my mum . . . this holiday abroad thing has became a bit of a tradition since I hit my thirties, and I love it. Being born in early October I rarely get a sunny birthday unless I'm outside the UK. Of course, Majorca isn't as reliable weatherwise as other sunshine destinations but I'm hoping that late September/early October will deliver some decent birthday sunshine for me all the same.

Last time I went to Majorca a couple of things went wrong. Like us getting into a minor car crash en route to the airport, or having an eight hour plane delay, and then there being a terrorist attack in our resort while we were there. I'm hoping none of that stuff happens this time... on top of hoping the weather is nicer than usual, it's probably a big ask though!

But anyway, I am now EXTRA determined to have a half-decent bikini bod. I have just under four weeks to try and make a difference and I'm sure I can shed half a stone in that time with a bit of dedication and hard-work . . . and self-restraint.

Either that, or I'll do my usual pre-holiday thing where about two weeks before I realise it's making fuck all difference, I'm going to feel fat in a bikini anyway so I might as well enjoy ALL THE FOOD AND ALL THE CAVA IN THE WORLD!

So wish me luck with staying on course - I'm gonna need it. And if you have any tips . . . please pass them along...


  1. I am starting a diet called Whole30 tomorrow. You should check it out. My friend told me about it over the weekend. Eating only natural foods.

  2. Good luck, you'll be fine - bikini motivation will keep you on track : )

    I'm starting agaaaaain after having a couple of months of eating what I want and drinking too much! Only advice would be eat clean as much as possible and exercise as often as you can - but everything in moderation - even cava ; )

    Good luck! x


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