Saturday, 21 September 2013


When it comes to tidying up after myself, I've always been a bit shite. Everywhere I sit, I seem to acquire a pile of clutter around me, as if I've just given birth to it in that position. Even my desk at work is always piled with paperwork, although I like to say that's just because I am such a hard worker. Which is technically true, but other people who are hard workers maintain a far clearer desk...

I think a lot of people get their tendencies to be fanatical cleaners from their families. I didn't. My family all seem a bit lacking when it comes to being houseproud. I DID, however, think that once I got my own place, it would happen. Suddenly I'd grow up overnight and want the place to be spotless, and everything to be in the place that it was meant to be in and just generally want a home out of an interiors magazine. And I DO want that. I just can't put the effort in!

In the past few weeks, I've visited three beautiful homes and, okay, all these people OWN their places rather than renting, but still. It's made me feel ridiculously inferior and a bit useless.

I am in equal parts impressed and scared of those people who NEED to clean, who want to keep everything tidy and who actually DO it. I WANT that gene. Can it be learned?

I really DON'T want a basin in the sink full of dishes that I will reluctantly clean every few days only for it to fill up again. I also don't want to HAVE to wash a dish just because I have no clean ones left. I don't want my clothes to be all over my bedroom (and certainly not in my living room or bathroom - the only place I seem to have NOT developed a habit of undressing in and leaving the clothes lying around is the kitchen - thank god! Although that's probably because I don't want to have to face the dirty dishes...) I also don't want to be using my yoga mat as a rug (it currently IS spread out rug-like on my living room floor... and I haven't actually used it for exercise since about Tuesday!) or boxes of crap that I still haven't unpacked and put away.

I'm pretty useless really.

Can anyone help me???


  1. I can't help you... but thought you'd like to know you're in good company. I loathe cleaning, and if I could pay someone to do it, I would. In fact, I'm moving to a larger place (from apartment to townhouse) and the first thing I thought was 'ugh more cleaning.' I may really hire someone to do it once a month.

  2. I'm the same. Both me & the hubby are useless and lazy.
    I actually hate when people come to my house without warning me first because I'm embarrassed by the mess!
    I'm hoping that I'll just develop OCD one day. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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