Sunday, 22 September 2013


About a year ago, I gave in and finally bought a Kindle, . It was one of those things that I didn't really want to do.... I love love LOVE real books. I used to order a box of books off one of those book clubs pretty much every month and the delight I got when opening the box and looking at the covers and reading the blurbs etc was actually a TEENY bit pathetic. But hey-ho!

So the Kindle. Yes. It has taken me a while but I've finally came around to liking it. Considering I can easily read 10 books on holiday, it's a space-saver, - it is also easier to handle while sunbathing than a book. You can still read it in the bath - if you're careful obviously! And, while I resent having to pay a fiver for a book that isn't physically a book for some of the more popular authors I enjoy, the flipside is you get tons of cheap, and even occasionally FREE books from authors you would never hear about otherwise.

I remember reading about a published author who claimed that e-books would mean the end of paper books, and the end of "the writer" as a profession. I don't really agree with this. Sure, paper books are obviously going to become less popular and sadly they probably WILL die out eventually. And that is unbearably sad . . . and I feel bad that I'm contributing to this but I quite simply can't spare the space for many real books anymore.

But I disagree with the second point. He argued that any old person could basically write a book now. That's true to an extent - after all it is claimed that every person has a book in them, and there is no guarantee that this book would be worth reading. However, think of the personalities who get book deals simply by virtue of being famous in a different field. And how some of them don't even WRITE these books themselves! AND, even then, they're a load of rubbish. (Do you know who I'm talking about here?) Most wannabe authors don't have a chance of getting a book published. I should know.... when I was younger I submitted a couple of books to publishers and/or agents. (I was obviously rejected.) E-readers and e-books make the playing field a bit easier for people who have genuine talent or a genuine book idea in them that can't otherwise get published. And so I think this is an amazing thing really.

So I guess I'm a convert now. I haven't read as many books since I got mine - I think it just took me a while to get used to it - but now it's revving up again, and I love heading onto amazon to see what book bargains I can pick up! I also love the instant gratification of getting the book straight away and not having to wait for it.

(Post on my favourite books this year, so far, coming up tomorrow...)

What do you think about Kindles/e-readers?? Love them, hate them, reluctant convert to them? Please share . . .


  1. I love books too and would always go through a ton. So kindles are dangerous because I find I spend more by just needing to click a button. Still nice to have hard copies here and there though.

  2. i like a combination. My obsession is buying a paper book each time I fly somewhere or travel. I like ordering paper books online and getting them delivered - it's like Christmas!
    BUT I also like a reader because it has its own lighting so I can lie in the 'dark' and read if my husband has flaked out early without turning on a lamp which is annoying. It also means that if I really want to read a book right that minute (but don't have anything new to read), I can buy it right then and there and get started!


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