Wednesday, 25 September 2013


So I'm off to Majorca on Saturday. This mostly has good points but let's face it, we all have to take the rough with the smooth. For every amazing thing about this, there is a not so great thing to balance it out. Let me elaborate.

THE GOOD: I will be off work after Friday until the 8th October.
THE BAD: I always end up stressed the last couple of days trying to make sure I have all my loose ends tied up admin wise and have handed off all my outstanding work to everyone else. And I only do an admin job... how does someone in an actual high-power career cope with going on holiday???

THE GOOD: I get to buy loads of new stuff for going on holiday (or mainly second hand in my case) using the "I need to buy loads of new stuff for going on holiday" excuse. (That's a thing, right?)
THE BAD: I got paid less than two weeks ago and I'm now pretty skint. And that was despite having about 200 pounds extra in overtime in my last wage. Also, this "new stuff" that I need to buy isn't always enjoyable. Do I REALLY want to spend money on adaptors, padlocks, beach towels etc that I only use once, twice (or on that one year - 2008 - FIVE) times a year? Not particularly.

THE GOOD: Going on holiday after summer is good because, since my last holiday was in April, I have been envious of everyone going on holiday over the summer and now I get to have my revenge and rub it in.
THE BAD: I'm going to Majorca, where the weather can be unpredictable out of season. (The weather forecasts are at the moment looking surprisingly fab, but I trust the weather about as much as I trust men, so that doesn't say much.) And trying to buy summer stuff out of season is actually virtually impossible. Boots didn't even HAVE suncream in earlier when I went in. When I followed the overhead sign that said "Holiday shop" I ended up in aisles full of  (you guessed it) Christmas presents!

THE GOOD: The airport is pretty much the only place (apart from maybe the ferry to Belfast) where it's socially acceptable to drink booze at any time of the day.
THE BAD: Long check-in queues, the trauma of going through security, and the stress of getting your luggage at the other end nearly cancel out the good part of the airport. Wait... I said NEARLY!

THE GOOD: I was using the holiday as a motivation to get a bikini body.
THE BAD: It hasn't worked. I have actually been pretty good diet-wise, and even went off all booze for the first 11 days of September, but then I had a busy week last week and all my good work was undone in one fell swoop of nights out.

THE GOOD: I won't need to worry about making my own food for a week as I'm with my mum and I think we're going half-board.
THE BAD: My intentions are always to stick to low-carb options at mealtimes - after all, there's always loads of meat in these buffet type half board deals. Then I see chips (at dinner) and churros (at breakfast) and I fall to bits. And THEN we usually end up having some sort of snack at lunchtime which usually involves chunks of bread and some sort of cheese and pate, usually accompanied by sangria so . . . well the good intentions that fell by the wayside by this point have been well and truly left behind in the distance.

So you see? That being said.... the good points FAR outweigh the bad points and I don't want anyone to think I'm an ungrateful fucker because there are so many good things to celebrate other than the aforementioned...

  • The weather, while unpredictable, will undoubtedly be nicer than it is here.
  • I get to spend loads of quality time with my fabulous mum.
  • I'll get to laze around and read loads, whether the weather is nice or not.
  • I get to be in a different setting for a week, when the last time I was out of the country was for work in London which was over three months ago now. The change of scenery will do me good.
  • I'll be near the sea.
And, most importantly of all . . .


What are your favourite/least favourite things about going on holiday???

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  1. I love the relaxing and cheaper booze! My least favorite is like you said buying a lot of stuff for one or 2 time use. Oh AND long plane rides!


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