Thursday, 5 September 2013


Today is your 30th birthday.

Or it would have been.

I nearly forgot about it; I'm sorry for being a bad sister. Then my sister - mine and yours - reminded me yesterday. Today the significance of the date has struck me a number of times and I've found myself welling up a wee bit.

I'm sorry we never got a chance to get to know you.  I'm sorry I was too young to appreciate you in the short time you were here. That the date is just another day in the calendar now. This would have been a special birthday for you. For all of us.

But then you never got to celebrate a birthday. You never even made it to your first birthday.  You never got to meet my little brother. YOUR little brother too.

I wish you were still here and we could have all gotten to know you. Miss you little Mark.

Happy 30th.xx


  1. So sorry for you and your family's loss. A little dude taken way too soon - any parents' worst nightmare. Sounds like your parents did an amazing job holding it together for you and your sister. My mum lost a little brother. He would have been my uncle Jonathan. I'll bet he would have been the coolest. My other uncle (who arrived 9 years later) is pretty great - they would have caused mischief together - now that's scary!

    So lovely of you to acknowledge his birthday xx

  2. Uch, that's such a heartbreaking thing to happen to a family. Even all this time later I'm sure it still hurts. So sorry to hear. =(


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