Thursday, 29 August 2013

TIRED OF . . .

  • the state of my flat. I keep planning to come home and get it sorted once and for all. But work is so busy, I've only had two week days off since I moved, I've been working a lot of weekend days, and by the time I get home I'm just so tired the last thing I feel like doing is sorting stuff out. I thought I'd be able to show it off to you all WEEKS ago but I still have loads of boxes kicking around because I have nowhere to put the things inside them. I think I need some more bookcases etc before I can get it all totally sorted out, but if you remember, I'm low on cash so . . . Yeah. sigh. :-(

  • saying yes when I should probably be saying no.  Sorry for all the cryptic. Let's just say . . . sometimes I want to say no, but I feel like it would be cutting my nose off to spite my face a bit . . . That being said, part of me feels resentful for being told I'm not good enough to do something.... but apparently I'm okay to be the "understudy".

  • people who think they can sit and do fuck all instead of doing their work. Contrary to your apparent belief, you are NOT actually being paid to sit staring at your iPhone all day. Pull the finger out eh???

  • my hair. I asked my mum to trim it two weeks ago and she took more off than I intended. I'm not bald by any means, but I really don't like it. I went much blonder just to compensate for the lack of length. It made sense at the time. But I actually want to be even blonder. Am I blonderexic???

  • my phone battery. Why you run out of charge so quick??? I'M not the one sitting using it all day at my desk after all . . .

What are you tired of right now?


  1. I agree with coworkers sitting on their asses and playing on their cell phones all day.

  2. I want be blonder too! I got it done a few weeks ago and I still want to be lighter. I'm tired of stuff too. Hopefully fall brings exciting changes for us both.


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