Sunday, 4 August 2013


Silly questions . . .
Fastest. Weekend. Ever.

I swear to god, it feels like it was Friday only a couple of minutes ago. It was fun though. Had my godmother's 50th birthday party on Friday night, and that was a good laugh. We don't have many extended family get-togethers (or perhaps it's just that my direct family don't usually get invited) so it was nice to catch up with everyone and get my dance on.

The "dress" . . .
Yesterday I had the evening part of one of my colleague's weddings in Loch Lomond. It was a great night, and I got to debut a new dress. . . although a last minute paranoid moment resulted in me trying to change several times in a panic, eventually going back to the original choice and leaving a trail of "wedding appropriate" clothes all over my bedroom floor. So we headed by bus to Loch Lomond, enjoying a wee cava en route (in plastic champagne flutes, obvs!) and once the music started, I could not stay off the dance floor. There was even an hour of 90s dance music, specially requested by the bride and groom. Once I started dancing, I didn't really drink much, so my hangover was pretty much non-existent today.

That being said, I had to go in and do overtime at 8am and forgot to set my alarms. Luckily my sister had anticipated this and phoned me at 7am to check I was still up. I wasn't. Threw some clothes on and made it in to work dead on 8. Phew. Thank goodness for my sister!

Champagne on the bus . . . we so classy!

All in all, work excepted of course, it's been a good weekend. Great even. Although someone I actually quite respected really pissed me off and surprised me with something he said to me. It could have been the drink talking, granted, but it upset me a lot, and I was really surprised of what he was basically accusing me of. But yeah, I guess when alcohol is involved that's when the truth always comes out . . .

I'm going to try not to let this bother me. The guy in question clearly has some sort of underlying issue with me, and if he wants to believe what he was implying I had did, then fine. Let him think that. I know it's not true and the people who are important of me know it's not true. And that's far more important than some dude who doesn't know the first thing about me, right?

And so on we go . . . I've spent the rest of the day after work in the city centre, trying to calm down after my outrage. Wee bit of lunch, wee glass of wine, wee ranting a bit. I'll calm down soon. Maybe.

Let's use one of my current favourite songs as inspiration.

Just breathe....

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  1. Had never heard this song before. I like it!


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