Sunday, 11 August 2013


It's been looming for a while now. I put it off for as long as I could, but it was almost inevitable. I could feel it becoming more and more of a necessity . . .  and finally I had to give in.

I made my return to the gym.

Le sigh.

I didn't want to do it. I had all these grand plans that I was going to freeze my membership and use my new flat as my basis for all my exercise. And I'm not using "exercise" as a euphemism sadly. My flat has seen no action of the "good" exercise and not very much of the ACTUAL exercise type either.

The gym is just so boring!

BUT I need the motivation of other people being around to actually do the whole exercise thing. Otherwise I just sit there and watch music TV, curse the fact I don't have a body like Beyoncé post-pregnancy or the girls in the "Blurred Lines" video and comfort-cava-drink (that's a thing, right???).

Sooo I went...

And it was every bit as bad as I thought.

From the two flights of stairs I had to walk up before I even exercised (bearing in mind I now live on the third floor and still breathe heavily six weeks on after doing it at least once a day), to the girls in the changing room invading my personal space DESPITE the fact the place is pretty much deserted, to the actual EXERCISING part.... I did not enjoy it one bit.

My thighs are now actually killing me.

This had BETTER be worth it. It really better.


  1. I really loathe working out too. I always have. I do not understand people who go for a run "for pleasure" or those who "enjoy" the gym. I find it to be torture.

  2. I actually once briefly (VERY briefly!) considered becoming a personal trainer just for the mere fact that it would require me to be thin. I mean, who would hire a fat person to help them tone up? Alas, it never got any further than thinking about it...

    I wish I enjoyed exercising.

  3. (First time visitor, hello!)

    I have never been a fan of going to the gym. I get bored. For me, the solution was yoga classes because, well, you have the motivation to sweat through a class with other people. Not to mention that you wouldn't walk out because it's embarrassing!

  4. I was like you, then I broke up with my ex, and the gym became my temple. seriously, it was the only way i could burn off all my types of pent up energy, and clear my head. Now I'm obsessed.

    It will get to that point for you too, eventually. But probably only once you start making it regular & start seeing results. It's annoying as hell in the beginning, but I literally crave it now. My body aches for it. I never thought I'd be one of those annoying gym ppl, but I am. I so am.


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