Monday, 22 July 2013


People who moan about hot weather should be banned. Just banned.

I know we live in Scotland, where it's not meant to be nice. But some of us quite like it when there's a bit of a heatwave, like there has been this past few weeks. Me, for example. I HATE shitty weather. I always thought I was born in the wrong country - I should have been Spanish or something.

I'm also fairly sure I have S.A.D. because I have been ridiculously happy in this weather. (I know it's also partly due to my move, but the weather is also a massive factor.) My mood has shifted about 180 degrees in the past few weeks as the temperature has risen.

I LIKE being able to go and sit in a park and watch the world go by and read my Kindle and soak in some rays. I like being able to go bare-legged (I can't remember the last time I wore this few clothes in Scotland! In fact, I'm pretty sure this has been the ONLY time.) I like having a suntan. I like not having to be cooped up inside cos the weather sucks.

And, so, okay, it's a little crap when you get back into your flat and it's like an oven because the sun is streaming through the windows and one night last week I couldn't even face cooking dinner until half past nine because the kitchen was far too hot, and SLEEPING has been a bit of a chore . . . but I'll put up with that because it's been two weeks or so of sunshine in what has otherwise been a fairly crappy year both weather-wise and personally and I needed it.

And you can tell the weather is on the verge of breaking now, and I looked at the weather forecast for the next week or so and the temperatures are going to drop, the rain is going to start.... it's probably about to be winter by the end of the month.

And who will be the first people to moan about it being cold and wet??? PROBABLY THE ONES WHO WERE MOANING ABOUT IT BEING TOO HOT!!!

So if I hear those self-same people moaning about the crap weather, I WILL ban them. I'm not sure what from. But I will.

I promise.


  1. I totally have it too! And people in Seattle are the exact same!

  2. Interesting how our countries are so different, yet we're all the same! lol I live in the US and we always complain about the weather here too.

  3. I hate the moaners as well! Admittidly Im not a HUGE lover of this kind of heat (am defo not a hot weather girl) but i would rather this than wind, sleet, rain or any other kind of shitty! its not like this hot weather is going to last forever so lets enjoy it while we can!!

  4. Couldn't agree more. Summer weather is the best. Plus, I can manage my weight all right when it's warm out. When it's cold I want to eat everything in sight.


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