Monday, 29 July 2013


These are the things currently irritating the fuck out of me:

  • word verifications/captchas - HATE them with a passion. Why must they be so difficult to read??? It puts me off commenting on websites on a regular basis, unless I am feeling particularly patient, have something I REALLY want to say, or have somehow cracked the code on the first attempt.

  • my laziness - I still haven't managed to finish unpacking my flat even four weeks on. And, now that I don't have the pressure of other flatmates leaving dirty dishes around, I'm becoming bad for it myself! In addition, although I've got my utilities and council tax and etc sorted out now, I still need to sort out how to actually PAY them...

  • being stressed - there are not enough hours in the day for things I need to get done. Both inside of work and outside of work.

  • why is it so much easier to be unhealthy? - SERIOUSLY. If I'm being healthy I seem to waste so much time cooking stuff and prepping stuff and really you get to the end of it, feel exhausted and think "I could just order a dominos and it would be quicker"...

  • that the lead singer of this group will probably* never be mine. He is seriously one of the best looking guys I have ever fallen in lust with. :-( I mean, LOOK AT HIM!!!

*I am trying to think positively on this point, hence the "probably"... ;-)

What's currently irritating the fuck out of you?


  1. All of the same things annoy me too.

    I'm also rather pissed that a raging migraine kept me up all night and still hasn't completely gone away.

  2. If I'm cooking I'd just as soon cook volumes of food (a pot of soup or multiple filets) so I can freeze portions and reheat when I don't feel like cooking (which is often.)

  3. Urgh Captcha codea are a nightmare, they make me question whether or not I am actually human x

  4. Dating. The whole idea is irritating the fuck out of me. I may stay single the rest of my ever loving life at this rate!


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