Monday, 29 July 2013


These are the things currently irritating the fuck out of me:

  • word verifications/captchas - HATE them with a passion. Why must they be so difficult to read??? It puts me off commenting on websites on a regular basis, unless I am feeling particularly patient, have something I REALLY want to say, or have somehow cracked the code on the first attempt.

  • my laziness - I still haven't managed to finish unpacking my flat even four weeks on. And, now that I don't have the pressure of other flatmates leaving dirty dishes around, I'm becoming bad for it myself! In addition, although I've got my utilities and council tax and etc sorted out now, I still need to sort out how to actually PAY them...

  • being stressed - there are not enough hours in the day for things I need to get done. Both inside of work and outside of work.

  • why is it so much easier to be unhealthy? - SERIOUSLY. If I'm being healthy I seem to waste so much time cooking stuff and prepping stuff and really you get to the end of it, feel exhausted and think "I could just order a dominos and it would be quicker"...

  • that the lead singer of this group will probably* never be mine. He is seriously one of the best looking guys I have ever fallen in lust with. :-( I mean, LOOK AT HIM!!!

*I am trying to think positively on this point, hence the "probably"... ;-)

What's currently irritating the fuck out of you?

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Last weekend I kissed someone I shouldn't have.

It lasted thirty seconds max, and was an impulsive drunken snog, but it shouldn't have happened. The guy in question has been in a relationship for at least six months. I wasn't even trying to snog him; I had decided in my drunkenness that I was going to kiss one of the other guys out with us (who may or may not also have a girlfriend - so THAT wouldn't have been any better), but somehow I ended up snogging the wrong one. Don't ask me why - I can't even explain it. It was like half two in the morning and the drinks had been flowing for a good few hours and the only thing saving me from an utterly horrendous hangover the next day was the fact that I had actually eaten something for a change.

Anyway, yeah. I'm not too bothered about the kiss. It WAS a good kiss, and I used to have a teeny bit of a thing for the guy in question, but not anymore. So as far as I'm concerned that was that. Just a one-off, blah blah blah.

But it's got me thinking about the rights and the wrongs of it all. Obviously, I'm single so I *technically* wasn't doing anything wrong. But what he did... does that qualify as cheating? For all I know, it could have been all me. I don't THINK it was, but I also know that I've pounced on guys in the past!

That being said, about a year ago, I was feeling a bit shit about myself and made a bit of a pass at a colleague, who stopped me before I could even kiss him because of the fact he had a girlfriend. And okay, I was a bit embarrassed at the time and couldn't really face him for ages... but we were both drunk and I think deep down I was a little relieved that it had been HIM I'd tried to pounce on because he had been a total gent about it, and another guy could have taken advantage of me in the state I was in.

So my point is.... this guy could have did the same thing. And chose not to.

From my side of things though, I don't really count it as him cheating. But would you???

I think I personally would rather not know if I was seeing someone and they'd had a 30 second kiss with someone else. But  then who knows? If I was in the situation maybe I would feel differently.

Would YOU want to know if it was your other half?

Saturday, 27 July 2013


So Ferry Guy now has a girlfriend.

He decided to tell me this on Thursday night during a fairly innocent direct message conversation we were holding via Twitter. It was a total throwaway comment in the middle of the conversation - "did I mention I have a gf now?" I wasn't sure how I was supposed to react. We were both drunk though so I ended up saying stuff that didn't make much sense, and he didn't understand what I was TRYING to say. But anyway.

I'm not going to lie. I'm a teeny wee bit bitter, and I can't help feeling that way.

I knew we were never going to be in a relationship. He's too young and far away. But I think I liked the fact that he didn't want to be in ANY relationship. Because it made me feel like I wasn't the problem; that HE was.

And now he has CHOSEN to have a girlfriend, despite professing not to want one... and that it's not ME??? That's really fucked me off.

On top of that, I quite liked the situation the way it was. Me being single, being able to snog randoms if I wanted to . . . and then have him appear every few months for some fun, and then vanish again. That was completely possible when he was single, and I liked the unpredictability of not quite knowing when he was going to appear in my life again, but knowing that he still would.

And now he has a girlfriend... Well, that obviously can't happen anymore. And so it seems that I no longer have my occasional sort-of-fuck-buddy.

And THAT is fucking annoying.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


So on Monday I read a tweet that fellow blogger Lillies & Love had posted - she had wrote a blog post about how she was going to try and revamp her body in one month and was looking for people to join her in this. And since my health kick had TECHNICALLY started on Monday anyway, I decided to join in.

So #WhaletoWow (you can follow the hashtag on twitter) has began now with several of us bloggers trying to motivate and encourage each other to lose some weight. I'm feeling very positive about this because the LAST time I lost any significant amount of weight it was with the support of some bloggers about three years ago . . . doing something in a group seems to make it so much easier!

So here goes . . . I'm going to try and stick to putting my daily food and exercise into my myfitnesspal app, I'm going to try and cut down on my downfalls, the three Cs (cava, cheese and chocolate) and I'm going to do my best to up the exercise. I'm going back to the 30 day ab challenge I was doing back in May, which I gave up after day 13, and I'm going to throw in the squat challenge too, despite hating squats. And I am trying to make use of my kettlebell and dumbbells etc more. Right now I'm using my yoga mat as a rug, but earlier I WAS actually exercising on it. I promise!

I'm not saying the three Cs won't feature in my life this month at all. That would be incredibly unrealistic of me, as I am quite literally the girl who always wants what she can't have. But I am DEFINITELY going to cut back on them to see if I can make some serious changes in the way I look.

Ideally, I want to see a difference in a month's time. Let's do this shit!

Anyone else on a health kick?

Monday, 22 July 2013


People who moan about hot weather should be banned. Just banned.

I know we live in Scotland, where it's not meant to be nice. But some of us quite like it when there's a bit of a heatwave, like there has been this past few weeks. Me, for example. I HATE shitty weather. I always thought I was born in the wrong country - I should have been Spanish or something.

I'm also fairly sure I have S.A.D. because I have been ridiculously happy in this weather. (I know it's also partly due to my move, but the weather is also a massive factor.) My mood has shifted about 180 degrees in the past few weeks as the temperature has risen.

I LIKE being able to go and sit in a park and watch the world go by and read my Kindle and soak in some rays. I like being able to go bare-legged (I can't remember the last time I wore this few clothes in Scotland! In fact, I'm pretty sure this has been the ONLY time.) I like having a suntan. I like not having to be cooped up inside cos the weather sucks.

And, so, okay, it's a little crap when you get back into your flat and it's like an oven because the sun is streaming through the windows and one night last week I couldn't even face cooking dinner until half past nine because the kitchen was far too hot, and SLEEPING has been a bit of a chore . . . but I'll put up with that because it's been two weeks or so of sunshine in what has otherwise been a fairly crappy year both weather-wise and personally and I needed it.

And you can tell the weather is on the verge of breaking now, and I looked at the weather forecast for the next week or so and the temperatures are going to drop, the rain is going to start.... it's probably about to be winter by the end of the month.

And who will be the first people to moan about it being cold and wet??? PROBABLY THE ONES WHO WERE MOANING ABOUT IT BEING TOO HOT!!!

So if I hear those self-same people moaning about the crap weather, I WILL ban them. I'm not sure what from. But I will.

I promise.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

I'M BACK . . .

I now have full blown internet. Which makes me happier than happy.

So normal service will resume very shortly.

In other news, I STILL haven't got my flat fully sorted and it's been three weeks tonight since I moved in. But I will.

The weather has been ace. I've done some more stupid drunken things but I'm not beating myself up over it for a change. And I'm just . . .  content in general. It is amazing how much difference having your own space makes, it really is. I know some people who don't like to be alone, and would probably hate it, but I find it incredible.

So now . . . what to do? I want to make this new place more my own. I've already made a start on adding little things to make it more "me" but the lovely weather this past fortnight has distracted me. My friends have bought me some lovely flatwarming presents, my parents bought me a bookcase (although it looks like I'll need another one as I have far too many books!), my granda has given me some money which I'm going to use to get a couple of completely necessary things for my flat (a flamingo shower curtain MAY be top of that list!)

I still need to get my electricity and gas sorted. Oops. That's tomorrow's task.

I've  started TRYING to get my exercise back on track. I'm planning to freeze my gym membership for now and am planning to have my living room double up as my own personal "fitness studio" so there's been a couple of kettlebell/abs workouts. The lovely weather has also made THAT hard as I end up sweating within five seconds of working out, but I'm sure that won't last long!

And my food too... I feel a bit healthier already with that. I haven't been GREAT with it so far but having space and time to cook has made ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE. I feel more relaxed, and have generally been eating a bit better. Let's make that continue.

Anyway, let's quit with the uplifting happy shit cos that is SOOO not me. I'm going to go drink some cava now. And next time I tweet, I will hide the happy crap and the ranting will resume. Cos I DO have things I want to rant about too. Like weather. And tv programmes. And just general stuff that pops into my head.

AND I will definitely get pics up once I have the flat sorted the way I want it. Promise. Pinky swear. All that shit.

So what's everyone else been up to???

Thursday, 11 July 2013


So I'm still alive; just limited to mobile internet at the moment.

But,  most  importantly, I've moved.

I've been in my new flat for nearly two weeks now.  And I'm still totally disorganised, still have things to unpack,  things to buy to make the place more at home (AND I still need to decide on a gas and electricity supplier)... but I'm LOVING living on my own.

That feeling at night when I walk in my flat door and look around knowing I don't have to see anyone else if I don't want to. . . It's amazing!

All the dirty dishes in the sink,  if there are any, are mine. I don't need to go to bed with my teeth unbrushed because I can't get into my bathroom. I have four rooms to myself! I feel so relaxed when I get home.

I'm almost . . . happy. It's weird. But deal with it. ;-)