Sunday, 9 June 2013

HEY . . .

 . . . I got back from London lateish on Friday evening. Spent the weekend beer-gardening it up with my good friend Dawn.

I had a fecking awesome five days in London, and awesome weekend. I will tell all about that shortly.

I'm possibly a wee bit sunburnt. But also quite tanned too.

I have a lot to get on with this month considering it's going to be FUCKING BUSY in work PLUS I need to move by the end of the month.

No time to think about guy problems, and to be honest, that one appears to be a goner, and I have came to terms with that. I just have too many other things to be thinking about. Like how can I get red candle wax off a white wall, or find boxes to pack my stuff in to, or work out where is best to get rid of unworn clothes, or just generally get the motivation to start packing in the first place???

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated . . .

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  1. Urgh packing is the worst, my only advice would be to crack open a bottle of wine whikst doing it lol. Glad you've been enjoying the sun xx


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