Saturday, 18 May 2013


Obviously, since I realised I would have to be moving out of my flatshare soon, my mind has been turning to the fact I need to pack up 10 years worth of crap. But, more importantly, due to the fact it has been 10 years and I'm an extreme hoarder, I need to do a clear-out.

And on several occasions I have actually made a start on this. I always get distracted though. Basically I am the Queen of Procrastination, and I will actually do ANYTHING other than do the clear-out. I also don't really want to get rid of anything.

Here are some things I have found during my clear-out . . .

Loads of old tickets . . .

School reports . . . I actually even found ones from my early primary school days!

Random certificates - yes, I won best female hair in my old department at work, 2005!

I spent ages going through these things because . . . fun! And also, it meant I could stop clearing stuff out for a while! It is actually quite incredible the amount of crap I have kept hold of. There's elocution certificates from the five years my mum forced me to go to classes, gymnastic certificates (which is weird since I now can't even do a cartwheel!), photographs I forgot even existed , old stories, the play I made up for my Higher Drama class in school (about a girl who was sick of her mum acting like a teenager) . . . it's like so many memories are inside this room, even though it's not the room I grew up in obviously. How can I get rid of these things? They're basically part of ME!
So anyway, the clearing out part is not going well at all. I also like to procrastinate by taking selfies of me with the various miscellaneous things I find as I clear up. This happens to me quite a lot. Even my current blogger/twitter/facebook profile picture was taken during the last time I was trying to clean up properly, sometime last year!
So I present to you . . .
Bad day in progress selfie . . .

Me and Shelia the Seal selfie . . .
 Australia hat selfie (remember the Australia day TMI Thursday story??? I got the hat at that party...)
So yeah . . . if anything my belongings actually seem to be multiplying rather than dividing because I keep finding so many things I've forgotten about! And instead of doing something about it I just hang out in the twittersphere and avoid the situation . . . to the point where it'll probably get to the end of June and I will still have ALL OF THE THINGS and not have packed at all yet.
I think I need help!
Can anyone give me any advice about getting rid of stuff? Or are you a hoarder and/or procrastinator too? Please share!


  1. Make piles! Keep, trash, give away and undecided :)

  2. I also have a crapload of stuff, thanks to (roughly) 63 moves in the past 10 years. I think that makes it worse though, since I keep taking all of this junk from move to move to move...

    My current place is really small - just a one bedroom apartment - which I found has oddly helped with cutting down on the clutter. When you don't have as many places to store crap, it's easier to decide what's really important. Unfortunately though, my previous place had a huge closet, so I acquired plenty before moving here...

  3. Oh I am such a hoarder! It's crazy! Hate throwing things away that hold memories... such a sentimental person I am!! lol


  4. Good to see I'm not the only one who's a massive hoarder! This is one of the reasons I hate moving so much - good luck! x

  5. "Best Female Hair" is the best certificate I've ever seen. Something about the word 'female' being in there makes it amazing.


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