Wednesday, 15 May 2013


These are the main things I'm looking forward to when I get my own flat:

  • Being able to put hairdye on my hair and not then have to guard the bathroom(s) in case they both get taken over while I'm waiting for the dye to develop.
  • Being able to use the kitchen WHENEVER I want and not rush to make a meal mega quickly when I'm feeling particularly anti-social
  • Only having to put out my OWN rubbish (well it would be nice if I could have someone else to do that, but I'm being realistic here.)
  • When I am waiting for a delivery, I will be able to hear my buzzer without having to sit in absolute silence. (well, that's dependent on the buzzer working I suppose!)
  • Everything being my own space (although that means I'll only have myself to blame for any mess)
  • Being able to have dinner parties (although someone else might have to cook).
  • I can walk about naked if I want (I probably WON'T, but it's always nice to have the option)
  • I might feel like a grown up finally (highly unlikely but possible).

What is/would be your favourite thing about having your own place?


  1. Having your own place is the best thing ever, highly recommended ;)
    When you have dinner parties, just tell your guests to bring food - everybody brings something - you don't have to cook, and you usually end up with more food than you can eat ;) However you still have to do the washing up :(

  2. I could never live with someone else again. I've definitely gotten used to having my own space.

  3. I can't wait to have my own place! Well, with Olly but that's our own place which is far better than sharing a house with people. :)

    I for one cannot wait not to have to make small talk if I happen to be in the kitchen at the same time with someone else - sometimes I just like silence when I've woken up five minutes ago and need tea, not random chit-chat. Not having to deal with other people's mess in said kitchen is also a big thing I'll be glad to escape!

    Do you have the flat then?! x

  4. Being able to do your laundry whenever you want and not finding that your selfish house mate has once again occupied the washing machine! Even though they have washed every day :-(
    Hope you get to move to your own place soon...

  5. Not only can you walk around naked but you can leave the bathroom door open.

    Not that I would. Of course. Just sayin...

  6. I love living alone! it can get lonely sometimes, but overall i am a huge fan!

  7. Watching whatever you want on TV.

    No awkward conversations when you're dashing to your room from the shower.

    Spending as much time as you want in the bathroom - be it showering, bathing or pooping.

    Being able to eat whatever you want without fear of judgement. Leftovers from the other day mixed with taco's and that hot sauce that's been kicking about your fridge for weeks? Bring it on!

    The only sex noises in the flat will be yours...

    I've had some great flatmates, but more HORRIBLE ones. I would never-ever willingly step into a flatmate situation again!


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