Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I find getting my five-a-day surprisingly difficult.

I buy shitloads of fruit and veg on a regular basis but usually fail to eat most of it. I mean I know in theory it’s easy to get your fruit/veg intake – you just need to bulk up whatever you’re eating with a lot of salad, blah blah blah. However, I tend to get distracted by stuff like cheese . . . why have some meat with a side of veg If you can have your meat with a side of cheese? Lots of cheese. Possibly even a few different types of cheese.

I think cheese causes many problems in my life.

Recently I’ve been making an active effort though to actually try and get more healthy food into my life. A handy hint . . . the humble cauliflower is a FANTASTIC way to sneak more veg in, mainly because it’s a crafty little bugger which can be disguised as the things you should be avoiding if you’re cutting down on carbs. Cauli rice is nicer than normal rice, for example. I’m not QUITE as sold on cauli mash, but it’s an okay alternative to normal mash. I even managed to make a sort of calzone out of it a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, there was cheese involved.

I’m not a big fan of lettuce so I tend to avoid salads since it seems weird to have a salad without lettuce. However, I’ve discovered that I can use raw red cabbage as my “lettuce” and that makes salad much more palatable for me now.

(Also nice to have in salads? Cheese.)

Fruit is a different matter. Because I know some people put fruit in salad but I don’t. As far as I’m concerned, anything savoury is a no-fruit-allowed zone.

I suppose the fruit I consume the most is grapes, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count since it mainly comes in the form of cava. (I would be the healthiest person EVER if that counted.) I love apples but they don’t agree with me for some reason. I tolerate berries – they’re alright but I have to force myself to eat them. Bananas are on my list of enemies – I used to hate them, I would never pick one up and eat it voluntarily, but I’m getting better about eating them IN things.

I am, however, obsessed with pineapple. A tin of pineapple (in its own juice, not syrup – I’ve never understood the point of fruit in syrup) in the morning is the most convenient and DELICIOUS breakfast ever. I can eat it at my desk, it fills me up until lunchtime and it requires no preparation. If you get a tin with a ringpull, it’s not even difficult to open the tin!

I do enjoy pineapple.

Not as much as cheese though . . .

Do YOU get your five a day? What are your favourite fruits or veg?


  1. cheese. dont get me started on cheese. Cheese with grapes and wine, there's some five a day in there somewhere. Ive been better at buying different veg recently rather than just a bag of mixed 90p veg, although I then struggle to use it all! xxx

  2. And the saddest part is if you are watching your calories, like I am, a serving of cheese is the size of your thumb. That's it. I can eat a whole arm of cheese.

    I'm a fruit and veg lover. Grew up eating lots of them so this is not a struggle but I'm trying to abide by BeachBody's guidelines and they say 40% carb, 20% fat, 40% protein. Problem is all that healthy fruit and veg? It's carb. Lots and lots of carb. My carb numbers are through the roof.

    So if you are trying to cut down on carbs, maybe not getting your 5 in is a good thing...?

  3. I think I get five a day IF the five a day are servings of pasta ;-). I find it interesting that my name is a cheese and don't like cheese that much.

  4. I love soya beans and put them in EVERY meal. So that's one a day right there.

    I also love cheese. Also on EVERY meal. It makes everything taste better.


  5. I was a lover of cheese once.. I could sit there and eat pasta that was covered in grated cheese. Nothing else. Spaghetti & cheese? amazing.

    Do you think strawberry ice cream counts as one of your 5-a-day? If you eat enough of it? I think it should..

    It's a lot of work shoveling salad in your mouth, especially when you just don't like it. You kinda want to cover it in salad dressing, but that sort of defeats the purpose of eating healthy?

    What I find helps are smoothies. Pick your best fruits & vegetables, add a bit of coconut water & blend. Bish, bash bosh, quick & easy snack that gets you your necessary nutrients. Sorted!


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