Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I always seem to enjoy staying in and browsing the internet while under the influence. Of course, this does have its issues. Mainly I tend to end up sending tweets, emails and facebook messages that I may not otherwise have sent.

Several weeks back I ended up in one of those situations . . . and it wasn't really my fault.

Well, not REALLY.

Basically I commented on the status update of a guy I used to work with. YEARS ago. That I once kissed. YEARS ago. That I did fancy for about five minutes. YEARS ago. I think he'd maybe sent me a random private message on facebook YEARS ago asking how I was. And not replied to my response. YEARS ago.

But that night, YEARS later, his status update was CRYING OUT with an opportunity for me to slag him off, and drunken me took that advantage.

Still, I was a bit surprised when I got a private message a few minutes later saying "It's lucky you're pretty so I'll let you off with your mocking of my literacy skills." I commented in return on his correct usage of both "you" and "you're" in the one message, which seemed to be his cue to start spelling these words in deliberately the wrong way in follow up messages (which says a lot really). Which I entertained mainly because I was drunk and bored.

Then came the comment from him that maybe I should join him for "drinks and breakfast" to discuss his "clearly inferior grammar". Slightly taken aback, I asked where breakfast came into this. He responded "it's the most important meal of the day." True obviously. Still, seemed a bit out of nowhere!

I responded "not if you're on nightshift." He told me "Touché. You've always been a worthy opponent."

The banter continued a bit. Then he asked when this "date" was happening (presumably the drinks and breakfast). I said I hadn't realised there was going to be a date, he asked if he was being too forward. I said considering I hadn't seen or spoken to him in years, it did seem a bit forward.

And, if I'm honest, despite my drunkenness, I was already backing off a bit. Because I think if anything I'd just been trying to boost my confidence. I may have had been on fire the other weekend in terms of guys, but I'd had a dry couple of months before that. And I didn't really want anything to happen with this guy - as far as I was concerned, he was filed in a folder marked "The Past". In the end I agreed to meet up for a "drink that wasn't a date" and then fell asleep. The next day I woke to find he'd left me his number shortly thereafter and said to contact him to arrange this drink.

I never did.

I actually woke up that morning with a serious dose of THE FEAR.... except I knew exactly what had happened. I also knew that he hadn't even been drunk (I had asked him that jokingly when it had started to get out of my control; he said he'd been a designated driver and was therefore sober) so was likely to remember this had happened too.

During the course of that day I actually considered DELETING MY ENTIRE FACEBOOK just to avoid the situation. Which is fairly drastic given I LOVE Facebook. Well, most of the time.

Instead I just never replied to that last message and never put his number in my phone. And he hasn't been in touch since, so he's either got the (non-existent) message, or he actually WAS drunk and can't remember.

I feel a bit silly though about getting myself into that situation.

The moral of the story is this: You don't even necessarily need to leave the house to get into awkward situations when you're drunk. Thanks to the internet, it's potentially even easier to do so . . .

Awkward situations and the internet . . . ever had one? (or several???)


  1. This post make me laugh so much! I have many times wanted to delete my Facebook, just to avoid an awkward situation!! lol :)


  2. I find I get very exclamation pointy on Facebook when I've had a few. *blush*


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