Tuesday, 9 April 2013


So after my previous post, a little opportunity has potentially came up . . .

I may have a flat lined up to move into in late July/early August.

Obviously this is depending on going to view it and liking it, but it's in an area I would be happy with, it's still within walking distance of town and work (a necessity since if I'm paying more money I'm not going to want to be forking out even MORE on public transport), it's a third floor flat so pretty secure . . . and it's been endorsed to me as a nice little place to live.

All sounds good doesn't it?

There's only one thing . . . and I don't know if this is weird or not.

But if I do ultimately like it and move in . . . it's because my ex boyfriend is moving out of it.

I gave this some thought because I could understand why people would maybe think it was weird. But it's not really surely? I told my sister and she said "he's not going to still be living there, is he?"

Obviously not!

For me though, I think it would be ideal. It's the timeframe I'd want to move out in since I have to like, you know, GUT ALL OF MY BELONGINGS AND GET SOME SAVINGS TOGETHER. (Aye, nae bother with all that, right???) Like I said, it's in an area I was already looking. The price is reasonable. It would save me having to hunt for a flat, which seems to be (from what I have garnered) trawling the internet for bargains and either phoning up to find the flat has already been taken, or turning up to find that the "bijou little apartment" is actually the size of a cupboard (Not that anything is described as "bijou" in Glasgow, you understand.) I've not did any flathunting for nearly ten years, so I think I would find that a struggle.

If anything, if this DOES work out and I do end up getting this flat . . . it means that for once a broken down relationship actually HAS had a silver lining after all.

We'll see what happens anyway.

Either way, I keep having little moments of daydreams where I finally have my own place and it's always such a lovely little daydream. One way or another, this IS going to happen.

I'm going to FINALLY be a proper grown-up.

Or something CLOSE to one anyway . . .

What's your opinion though? I'm curious. Do YOU think it's weird?


  1. I dont think it's weird in principle, however is it likely itll mean you have to spend time with him due to him moving out? xxx

  2. I think it'd be weird if I'd lived there with the ex.. BUT everything goes in love, war and flat hunting.

    In the end, it's just a flat. Finding a nice one at a decent price is a heartbreaking and strenuous exercise, which I'd personally avoid at all cost.

    But wait, hold on, is it fully furnished? Cos if it is, I'd request a brand new mattress. Cos, well, ew.

  3. Not weird at all. I think it would be kind of cool, actually, to know the person who lived there before me.

    Congrats on getting your own place, it really is liberating!!


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