Tuesday, 23 April 2013


This week has been epically shit so far, so I was actually surprised that the CrossFit class I had been sort of dreading agreeing to go to actually was probably the highlight of the past few days.

I didn't really know what I expected when I promised to go along with Colette and Kate, having never did anything of the sort before. I'd looked at videos on YouTube, of course, but they actually made me MORE confused than anything else if I'm honest, because all the workouts looked so different.

But apparently that's sort of the point. I think.

I'm about as fit as a sack of potatoes. That might be an insult to a sack of potatoes.

To be honest, before my holiday I was starting to build up my stamina and fitness levels at the gym, could run for longer periods on the treadmill and the like. That fell by the wayside in Lanzarote where the most exercise I got was trying to balance a 2-for-1 cocktail in each hand while doing the free shot you got with it. To the point where on Sunday I walked down to my local shop to buy wine and came back huffing and puffing. A fucking two minute walk - ridiculous!

So by the time I walked into ClanFit this evening, I was vaguely terrified.

It was nowhere near as bad as I thought though. I'd checked the WOTD (Workout of the Day) out on facebook this morning and it was like reading gibberish. I had absolutely no idea what it meant. I also thought I was going to be working all out for an hour, which is the main reason why I was absolutely convinced I might die.

But in reality, the workout itself was a lot shorter than that. Me and Kate spent some time being showed how to swing a kettlebell. I actually have a kettlebell already and had taught myself the swing at home - turns out I'd learned it right. One fitness point for me! That being said, my kettlebell is 3kg. The recommended weight for a woman is 16kg . . . but because we were beginners they gave us 8kg. Which was hard enough.

 Then we turned our attention to box jumps. Which is jumping onto a box from a standing position. I wasn't jumping onto anything very high but it was still waaayyy harder than it looked. I then turned around to see a guy jump a ridiculous height from a standing position. Was he superman? Or a flea? Superflea?

The other thing on the agenda was MEANT to be hanging from a bar and trying to reach your toes up to the bar. The dudes in charge made it look easy. It wasn't. There were variations on this, but after trying to hang from the bar and pull my legs up and lasting about five seconds, I opted for more of a sit-up on the floor as a beginners alternative version. Because I really DIDN'T want to die.

So basically we had to do a series of reps including the box jumps, "touching your toes to the bar" and kettlebell swings and repeat - as many as possible for 10 minutes. The ten minutes actually went surprisingly fast and, although tired at the end, I didn't feel too exhausted or anywhere near as bad as I thought. (Let's pretend this is because I'm really REALLY fit and not because I wasn't doing the hard exercise everyone else was doing, okay??? OKAY???)

I actually thought the sit-ups and the burpees at the end would be the easy part. Turned out they were the worst. By the end of that, I thought I might actually die. Mainly because the burpees were far harder than the way I'd ever been taught them in pole fitness or by Hannah Waterman. Even the sit ups were a total challenge the way we needed to do them.

I am fairly sure I'll be in agony tomorrow - and I have my first pole fitness class in three weeks to contend with so this should be interesting . . .

I actually can see why people enjoy CrossFit though if their classes are anything like the one I attended - there was a really friendly atmosphere, people were encouraging each other, and challenging themselves to beat their own times/amounts of reps etc. And because the workout changes everyday, it means it's a bit less monotonous than the treadmill. If I wasn't already spending money on a gym and on pole fitness, I might even consider joining at some point. As it is at the moment I'm not in any position to do so since it looks like I'm now going to have to move flat sooner than I thought. But I would definitely like to try it again in the future!

And I'm still alive, which is always a bonus.

Shame about all the other shit in my life but at least I enjoyed tonight!

Thanks to Colette for taking us along!


  1. You do Crossfit? Whoa. That scares me. Good for you!

  2. "I am about as fit as a sack of potatoes. That might be an insult to a sack of potatoes. " --- welcome to my life.


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