Saturday, 2 February 2013

TEARAPY* . . .

*like therapy but just involving crying as you realise all of your life's bad decisions.

I've not had the worst time so far this year (especially considering it's been January for most of it so far, officially the most likely month people decide to end it and that) but the last week has unexpectedly been somewhat of a rollercoaster of me.

There has been no trigger as such. It's just not worked for me.

And I'm just missing. very much, what I can't have.

Why is life so fucking damn buggering hard???

If someone can give a decent answer to that, I'll do my best to get you canonised. (If you don't believe in that shit, I'll try and get someone to give you a tenner. Hopefully not me, cos i'm skint.)

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  1. ugh, tell me about it, January it's depressing and there's nothing to look forward to. Feel better P!


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