Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I miss TMI Thursday. Remember TMI Thursday? When the blogosphere used to unite and share their TMI stories, thanks to the fabulous LiLu?

And I have a slightly TMI story so I figured I would have another go at TMI Thursday . . . but on a Tuesday instead. Hello TMI Tuesday!

So.... the guy from the ferry. Back when we were playing that pesky little "will we/won't we meet up again for a shag game" prior to our December rendez-vous, there was the odd occasion where dirty texting would ensue. Nothing too seedy, or even that risque for that matter. Generally an exchange of pics where I would ultimately pass out mid-text and the next morning all was apparently forgotten. (Until next time it happened, obviously.)

So at the start of November, one such conversation had started. Mainly because he'd lost his phone, had to get a new one and lost all his contacts, so had told me via twitter that I'd have to send him a text. I did so. Then it descended rapidly into the picture requests. And, well, I'd been drinking so . . . it seemed like a good idea at the time (doesn't it always?) . . .

Okay, I thought. I'd send him a picture of my boob.

(Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I actually find pictures of an isolated body part pretty weird looking. Unsexy even. But each to their own eh???)

So I took a picture of one (to be honest, I took several until I found one I was vaguely happy with.) As I wasn't that long back from Spain at the time, it looked extra ridiculous due to my tan line. I clicked "share" on the photo, typed something suitably self-deprecating about my tan line, and sent it.

Two seconds after I did it I realised I hadn't sent it as a text. Too used to sharing pics on twitter, I had posted it onto twitter!

Panic stations immediately! I jumped into my twitter app and immediately deleted the tweet. Phew, i thought and left the panic station, my heart pounding, hoping against hope no one had noticed it in the approximately 20 seconds it had been in the twittersphere. No comments appeared so I assumed I was in the clear. I sent the photo again (carefully) as a text this time, to the right person (I was extra paranoid by that point) and mentioned I had just put my boob on twitter too. He said he took it I'd taken it down, I replied of course.

So that was all well and good. The conversation continued, some more pics were sent, I passed out as per usual, and nothing was mentioned again about meeting up again etc until the December meeting.

But in the meantime.... a day or two after my accidental flashing of twitter, I had went onto the photo sharing site I used at the time to share my mobile pics on twitter. I never really went into this account, so it was a total fluke that I did; I'd had to sign into it and everything. But whatever the reason, thank goodness I did.

Because I may have deleted the offending tweet.... but the picture of my boob was still on this website.

So basically anyone who had decided randomly to look at my pictures would have found a picture of a disembodied boob with a freakishly great tan line. I deleted it in such a hurry I didn't even get a chance to notice if it had any views. That's probably a good thing.

I've actually not sent any rude pictures SINCE that night but if the opportunity ever arises (no pun intended) again, I will be VERY careful when it comes to hitting that "share" button.

Wouldn't want to make a total tit of myself again after all.

And, yes, THAT pun was DEFINITELY intended . . .

Ever done anything this stupid yourself???


  1. Amazing. Sorry, but amazing. I totally miss tmi's, too. Mostly considering I embarrass myself on a nightly basis. :-)


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