Thursday, 24 January 2013


Around April last year I joined a gym. For only the second time in my life. The first time wasn't a success but I decided this time would be different. For one thing it was cheaper. For another I could sign up online while drunk. (I wonder how many other people sign up in this way.) It was simple. And at first I went quite a bit. I even talked about it a couple of times on this here blog, because to be perfectly honest, I was AMAZED I was going.

The enthusiasm lasted approximately a month.

I've made several attempts since then to make a triumphant return to the gym, to revisit the inner gym bunny that I embraced for that glorious sweaty four weeks last year. It just never seems to happen. I just can't get into it. So I'm thinking about quitting once again. There are numerous reasons for this.

1. The most obvious reason: I'm not going. This is a waste of money. Regardless of whether the gym only costs £15.99 a month, it's £15.99 down the toilet if I'm not actually going there on at the very least a semi-regular basis. If, for example, I went four times a month, that would be an average four pound per visit cost, which still works out pretty good. But I've not been since . . . November? Possibly October. So I've wasted at least forty five quid, and that could have bought me a new dress. Or two. Or seven bottles of cava . . .

2. I hate my gym clothes. But because I'm wasting money on the gym, I can't afford to buy nice new ones. And there's only certain colours you can actually wear anyway. Because, I don't know about anyone else, but I don't actually LIKE people to see the sweaty patches on my clothes.

3. My face turns an unbecoming shade of purple when I work out. And my eyebrows apparently disappear into the purple, which makes me look like an alien. A purple alien. Wearing bad gym clothes with potential sweat patches.

4. I always seem to injure myself - it's always silly niggly injuries but it's always enough to take me out of the running for a few months.

5. I hate other people seeing me exercise. This is partly because I think I run stupid. But also the aforementioned purple face and bad gym clothes. I KNOW it's not a catwalk, it's a frickin' gym, but that doesn't mean I don't want to look at least a LITTLE attractive.

6. It's hard to use the gym as a way to escape if people who annoy you in the rest of your life end up going there. So you have to go at times that don't necessarily suit you just to make sure you avoid them.

7. On that note, I hate going to the gym when it's busy, which means if I'm working, I need to leave bang on four pm to make it to the gym before half past so I can get through my gym routine (if you can even call it a routine) before everyone else in the city centre gets out of work. This is a pain if I'm really busy in work.

8. Having to cart my gym bag into work along with my regular bag is a pain in the arse.

9/ The gym is out of my way, so I have to walk for 20 minutes INTO town after work, then either subject myself to the rush hour subway or walk two miles home after I've exhausted myself on the machines. The walking usually wins, so I tire myself out more and then want to die by the time I get home. (Someone who lives really close to the gym had the absolute CHEEK to complain about the pain of having to walk to the gym and back one day. Jeez.... if there had been a cliff nearby, that person would have been pushed right off it.)

10. Due to the fact that the gym IS out of my way, I am more likely to go to it if I'm meeting friends/family in town afterwards. Thus the workout is negated by the inevitable two course dinner and several thousand glasses of wine which will follow . . .

11. All my potential gym buddies who could help motivate me finish work later than me.

12. It's just BORING. Running on a treadmill and going nowhere isn't my type of thing. The crosstrainer loses its appeal after about three minutes. It's hard to get enthusiastic about the step machine when you have walked up two flights of stairs to get to the gym in the first place.

13. Oh and my nerves are jangling every time I have to get on or off the cross trainer. One day I'm convinced I'm going to fall right off it. And then I'd be too embarrassed to ever go back anyway . . .

Looks like it's back to the home dvds and dumbbells for me then . . .

Do you like the gym? Have you ever quit one? Or more than one? Please share!


  1. To be completely honest the entire post I was thinking 'excuses excuses'. None of those really validate not exercising. BUT! The last sentence of the blog was like a breath of fresh air. Who cares WHERE you exercise as long as you DO IT? I also quit the gym in favor of home DVDs and I have lost more weight in 1 month doing home DVDs than I did in an entire year of faithfully going to the gym several times every week. So you go girl! Save the money and get your workout on at home :)

  2. Hate the gym! I cringe when I see the money taken from our bank account & we don't go.

    Last weekend I went on a hike & loved the change of scenery...I need to quit the gym!

  3. my god it is like you are literally describing me. I have been a member of a 15.99 a month gym for the last 10 months and I haven't been in the last 4. I don't want to quit because I don't want to give up but i'm just wasting money!

    (also I actually did fall off the cross trainer. backwards. because I was texting. No wonder I don't want to go back!)

    Poppy @lets drive far away x

  4. I love love love my gym. Could not live without it. I don't really tend to use the machines I'm all about the classes of which I usually do 4 x a week. I suppose it doesn't suit everyone though. Why not get an exercise DVD or start running instead? I'm doing 30 day shred at the minute couple of quid off amazon (and free on YouTube) it's really good and only 20 minutes a day. Xx

  5. I hate the gym. I prefer playing sports or taking a class. Find something you don't hate makes working out a little less annoying :)


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