Sunday, 27 January 2013


Whenever I'm seeing a guy, there's always a stage I'm a little apprehensive about. The first request for a sexy picture.

Because in this day and age of smartphones, it's pretty much an inevitability, right?

I don't see anything wrong with dirty pics, don't get me wrong. I actually sometimes think my body looks better with less clothes than it does with more on. I'm sure it certainly does to a GUY! But in this day and age, you can't help but be a bit paranoid that your picture might one day be not so private. I'm not saying this is down to the guy (although, let's face it, given the amount of revenge sites out there where people post dodgy stuff on their exes, you can never be too careful) but these things can just get leaked out so easily, completely by accident! Look at all those celebrities who get caught out with it! (Not that I believe these were always accidents. Sometimes they are CLEARLY a publicity stunt. But I do believe that sometimes it is a genuine accident. I'm not THAT cynical.)

So I have a sort of rule, where if i'm sending a picture of a naked body part, my face shouldn't be in it. I only allow pictures WITH my face in them if i actually have underwear or something on.

Is it just me though who thinks that disembodied body parts are distinctly unsexy though? I don't really get much enjoyment out of them myself. To be honest, I'd rather just wait for the real thing than look at a picture of it.

Here's another thing too . . . is it okay to recycle dirty pics? I've done it. With the guy from the ferry, I ended up sending him some underwear pics that I had sent to an ex a couple of years ago when he was away on business in Singapore. Judging by the ex's reaction, i figured they'd went down pretty well, so when he asked me for a pic, I actually asked him if he mind if I sent him some ones I'd used before. He seemed okay with that, so I did. But I did wonder if it maybe breached some sort of dirty pic sending etiquette.

I guess there's not really such a thing though. When it comes down to it, it's really what you're comfortable with sending, I suppose. And, for me, it's about making sure I don't accidentally put the picture on twitter instead of in a text message . . .

Do you think there's such a thing as dirty pic sending etiquette? What's your thoughts?


  1. Fortunately I am old enough to not be of the sexy picture sending generation, so I don't really have an experience based opinion.

    However, I pretty much adhere to the advice I got from a professor long ago: If you won't be comfortable seeing it in the news or on tv in 10 years, don't do it.

  2. I would never put my face in a sexy picture unless it was to my ex husband. Oddly enough, I know he could be trusted with my body and pictures of it. HOWEVER, I think that sexy picture sending is kinda silly unless you're in a committed relationship and I don't mean that in religious or moral sense. I mean it in a 'is the guy trustworthy and is he worthy of seeing my body' kinda sense. I guess, like you said, it is all about what you're comfortable with and for me, it is NOT SENDING THEM TO MY MOM when I am sending them. haha

  3. I actually don't do dirty pictures because a) I too am super paranoid about them somehow ending up on the internet, and b) I don't love how I look without clothes on. That being said, if I were going to do them I would definitely not put my face in any of them. And I would totally reuse them for different guys, without asking first. Ha. No reason they need to know that someone else has seen those too!

  4. I can't say that I've sent too many dirty pics - and now that I'm married my husband sees me naked everyday so there is really no need!- but did you see the semi-naked EBay pic scandal a week or two ago? How embarrassing!


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