Sunday, 18 November 2012


Perfume.... who doesn't love it?  I'm completely addicted to the stuff.  Hell, I even did my dissertation in university about perfume bottles and advertising. Okay, so I only got about 55% for it and screwed what would have been a pretty good chance of me getting a first class degree as opposed to a 2:1, but that's not really the point right now.

Today I thought I'd tell you about my favourite perfumes!

1. Deci Dela (Nina Ricci)

This perfume hasn't actually been around for years, which is a shame, as I completely love it. I first discovered it when I was about fifteen or sixteen, and my best friend at the time gave me a tiny sample bottle she had been given as a freebie. It's such a lovely sweet floral scent and anytime I wear it I get compliments on it. I used to ask for a bottle for every birthday and Christmas but now I can only buy it from eBay, which makes me very sad. :-(

2. Eden (Cacharel)

Not the most beautiful of bottles. But I LOVE the smell. I can't describe it really - it's got a bit of a metalic edge to it, which sounds weird, but it's honestly very nice and another scent I get a lot of compliments about when I wear it. This is the perfume I now get from my mum regularly as a present as she tends to be able to find it for about a tenner in certain places. Which makes me worry if it TOO will soon be as obsolete as Deci Dela.

3. Alien (Thierry Mugler)

Back when I was in uni doing my dissertation, everyone wore Mugler's other well-known scent Angel. I used to like the smell of it but it drove me to distraction after a while. For my 30th birthday I was given a bottle of Alien by work and I fell in love with it. I haven't been able to buy another bottle of it since though as it always seems more expensive than most perfumes!

4. Scarlett (Cacharel)

It may share a name with one of my least favourite Hollywood stars but look how pretty the lid of the bottle is! A true work of art (although some have asked me why I had a jar of jam in my bag, and I can see their point!). Another light floral-y scent - much more distinctively Cacharel (think along Anais Anais or Noa lines) than Eden. I discovered this at duty free and immediately fell in love with it.

5. SJP NYC (Sarah Jessica Parker)
I was given SJP's original fragrance Lovely, by an ex of mine a while ago... and it was indeed lovely but not really for me. However, SJP NYC is TOTALLY me. The bottle is amazing, and the smell..... well, it smells a bit like Um Bungo - makes me feel fruity and tropical and summery. At the start of this year I had three bottles of it in different sizes - my sister had bought me a little one for my birthday last year and my friend and my brother both bought me bigger bottles. I was on my last one on the run up to my birthday last month so I asked my brother for a bottle of it.... and the same friend also bought me it! So I now have two bottles of it still to use. Yippee!

What are YOUR favourite perfumes?


  1. Like you my favorite perfume is gone too! I am on my last few sprays =( Its Hypnose by Lancome.

    So for Christmas I have asked for Ralph Lauren 4 & In my wildest dreams the Coach Poppy Flower =D

  2. Oooh, I'm a fan of perfumes!!

    My faves are pretty much all very sweet or vanilla-y; faves being hypnose by lancome and j'adore by Dior.. :)

    Nicole - the gents' Hypnose has been discontinued, but the ladies' one is still going strong. So there's always hope!

  3. For night time I really like either Irresistible by Givenchy or Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden and my favourite daytime scent is definitely Happy by Clinique

  4. I've only ever had one perfume - Ralph Lauren Blue. I've had the same one for years and never really thought of getting another one...!


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