Sunday, 7 October 2012


Deciding I would stay up all night before i got picked up for my flight to the Costa del Sol last Saturday morning was obviously my first mistake.

Lying on my bed in my PJs was the second.

I was getting picked up at 4.15am. I'd text my mum at 3 to check she was up.

I had then proceeded to fall asleep myself. And we are talking the SLEEP OF THE DEAD. Seriously, I'm a light sleeper most of the time, but when I go into a deep sleep, when I haven't slept for a while, I am virtually comatose.

Which is when stuff like New Year's antics tend to happen to me, as I cannot be woken! See examples below:

So, yeah, my parents were buzzing frantically, phoning me (my phone was on silent but I'm not sure how much of a difference it would have made), and after about 30 minutes one of my flatmates (thankfully) let my dad in... who burst into my room and the fright of that scared me out of my coma!

As a result of this, I ended up missing quite a few things that I had planned to do last minute. I forgot to bring my make-up for one thing. ALL of it. (Worst. Case. Scenario.) I had only the pair of shoes i was wearing - I'd forgot to add any others to my suitcase. I had no shampoo or conditioner or any styling products save for hairspray. Pretty much no accessories to speak of, except for the first ones I could grab in a hurry.... which went with nothing. No deodorant. No perfume. Four pairs of knickers - for seven days! Oh, and I'd shoved one contact lens in quickly when I'd panicked and jumped out of bed just so I could see what I was doing... and I forgot my contact lens case so I only had a lens in my right eye all week. (Thankfully this isn't too unusual for me but I was worried what would happen if I LOST the only lens I had, given that I am pretty blind.)

So, yeah. To say I was disorganised would be the understatement of the century.

I hate to think what would have happened had my flatmate not answered the buzzer. Thank god.

Despite all this I had a brilliant time (don't worry - my mum had a lot of the non-make-up or pant essentials and I managed to get a couple of basic make up items to ensure I didn't have to brave it bare faced), and returned just now a year older (it was my 33rd while I was out there) but not much wiser. Although I'll certainly be re-thinking my strategy next time I have an early morning flight....

Any travel disasters you want to share?