Tuesday, 25 September 2012


It all started when my sister bought me one for Christmas. I wasn't really sure of the appeal at first. But the moment I put it on, I realised how good it looked. It was like it was MEANT to be on me.

When I lost it over New Year, I could have cried. I had no idea where it was. Luckily my friend then found it in the bed I'd slept in at hers on New Year's Eve. It took her a couple of days because she was being lazy and hadn't stripped the bed (lazy mare.) (Yeah yeah, I have a total cheek to talk!)

Me and my snood were inseparable once again!

 Before I lost it, on New Year's Eve....
Happily reunited with it several days later, we were still together several months on - even if it clashed a little bit with the outfit I was wearing. And, truth be told, I think Dawn here is looking away from me because she just can't handle the hotness.... (joke. Maybe.)
So, yes, I've quickly come to see the benefit of snoods:
1) They are brilliant at adding a bit of colour to the most plain of outfits, and you can experiment with wacky patterns and colours if you want and not feel too self-conscious.
2) If your boobs, like mine, have a habit of escaping from whatever you're wearing (and this isn't ALWAYS a good thing!) it will keep them covered up and protect your decency. Of course, any time you want to be INdecent, all you need to do is remove it!
3) I have discovered my first snood also doubles up as a handy cork popper if I'm trying to open a bottle of cava which is proving tricky - which is an ADDED bonus I could never ever EVER have foreseen. (I'm sure my sister couldn't either.)
4) I'm not good at making scarfs look all artfully tied and shit. The snood is IDEAL because I can just put it over my head and go, and it just looks awesome WITHOUT EVEN TRYING. Thanks snoods everywhere!
5) It can double as a hood if necessary. To be honest, this isn't something I'd ever do, because I'd look ridiculous. Case in point...
I look like an old person!!!
And the only bad point about snoods??? They DO occasionally try to attack you in extremely windy conditions, smother you and/or blind you by blowing all up in your grill! The very thing happened to me only yesterday.... as I was crossing the road. Not the safest, I'm sure you'll agree!
Anyways, I've been branching out into the world of snoods of late. To the point where I bought THREE new ones in a week. How many necks does a girl have??? I hear you ask. Well, I only have one body but it doesn't stop me buying loads of clothes for it, does it? Necks are no different, they need garnished too! ;-)
Firstly I bought this one from Dotty P, which is a bit more neutral than my previous one... but also sparkly! Because it's me and I need that to make me interested...
Available from here.... Dotty Ps have some other fab snoods available too if you're interested - I felt spoiled for choice!
Then, a couple of days later, I hit asos, my favourite clothes website in the whole world ....AND THERE WERE LOADS OF REDUCED SNOODS!!!! I was in heaven! I tried to limit myself to just two but it was a struggle...
Anyway, I ended up buying these two!
Both from River Island.... for the star print one see this link, for the hula girl one this link! 
With winter fast approaching (I switched back to wearing a mac after five months of my denim jacket or a cardigan as outerwear just today), I know I am going to find myself with a growing collection of snoods over the next couple of months . . . and I cannot wait!
What about you guys? Are you fans of snoods? What's your current fashion addiction? And have you noticed any snoods anywhere you think should be my next purchase? Feel free to share in the comments....