Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Yeah, so I find it ironic that I haven't posted on here in over a month yet get an "anonymous" commenter telling me on my LAST post that I need to get out more. But it's taken a month to tell me that.

Get over yourself.

It's funny because I was coming on here anyway tonight, then i saw that and just laughed in disbelief. One - I can rant about twitter if I fucking want. Two?  I get out plenty actually. Not that it would be anyone's business if I couldn't. For example, if i was skint, then maybe twitter would be my only option. But I can afford to go out whenever I want, and not sit around a college trolling people's blogs. (Yes. I went there. Deal with it.)

Plus, as per the opening paragraph, I haven't even been on my fucking blog for a month. I've had plenty to occupy my time. Like my lovely friends coming over for the weekend. Or my trip to Ibiza.

I'll post some pics soon. I'll also probably have a part two to my twitter rant.

Because it's my blog and I fucking can.

Just need to get out for a bit more....