Saturday, 14 July 2012

PART 3 . . .

So it had been established we were flirting thanks to my blatant disregard for playing by The Rules. By this point we were on dry land and on the bus and he asked if we were going to be hanging around Belfast once we got there as he had to wait around for his friend he was staying with to finish work. If so, maybe we could all go for a drink. Our friend was already on the way to pick us up though, so it really wasn't going to happen.

All the same, I then did something even MORE unlike me. I said, since we weren't able to go for a drink with him now, why didn't he give us his number and if we were going to be in Belfast city centre over the next couple of days, maybe we could all go for a drink then! Now, this is NEVER something I do, but based on the fact I was fairly sure he was into me, and the fact that I was able to suggest this fairly casually, it didn't cause me the usual anxiety. Wow. He suggested we give him one of our numbers and he'd call it right now - my phone was already in my hand!

(By the way, at this point, Mich had already established he was on twitter and had given him both of our usernames so he could follow us - but I think i had decided I was taking no chances here!)

So we got off the bus and he went to shake our hands goodbye - which I poo-poo'd, said I thought we were were past such formalities and gave him a hug. And then he left and our friend turned up and off we drove to Comber.

I kinda liked this dude, yeah, but I didn't really think much of it. Despite having each others numbers and a tentative idea that we might all go to the pub at some point, I wasn't going to overthink anything. Yet. I'd only met the guy less than an hour ago - what would be the point at this stage???

Anyway, after we had arrived there, we dumped our stuff and headed out to buy alcohol from the off-licence, pose in the village square, and then we popped into the pub for a swift one. This was the point where I decided to check what was going on in the world of twitter. And I had a new tweet. From him! It said "You're forbidden apparently. xx" Oh yeah, I'd forgotten my twitter was private. He had requested to follow me, so I added him and then replied "You're keen, apparently. xx" He quickly responded with the excuse that he had been drinking alone, and then added "Kinda keen." When I replied "Oh really?" to this, i got a text shortly after confirming that he was indeed keen. After a brief text conversation where I had confirmed I also was keen, he asked if we could meet up over the next few days. After checking with my girls, I replied that we would be in the city centre the following evening if he wanted to join us for some drinks. He said that sounded like a plan.

I had known the guy just a few hours and I was already going to see him the next day. I was excited and . . . well, really shitting myself! Would I meet him again and not like him as much? Would he even turn up????

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