Saturday, 5 May 2012


I was out last night with a couple of female friends. We couldn't decide where to head, and wanted something sorta cheapish-and-cheerfulish so we headed to the recently renovated Times Square. I was on the rose (of course) and my friends were on the voddies, and I guess I was trying to keep up as we were doing rounds.

Anyway, we were probably a couple of drinks in when this workie dude appeared at the fruit machine next to us. He was behind us but I commented to one of my friends that I kept catching him turning around and looking down her top (God was very generous with her when they were giving out boobies). Next thing, he was trying to join in our conversation. He had a rant about the "arseholes in suits" (or a variation on that theme) and then disappeared outside, presumably for a fag. Then he reappeared and tried to join our conversation again.

I think it was obvious we didn't really want him around. So he switched into wanker mode (yes, this has happened before with another guy). To my busty friend he said "You have nice eyes." (She really does.) "You have lovely hair." (All sounds good so far, right?) (Wait for it...) "But you're a bit heavy."

Yeah. For the record, she's not. She has a perfectly normal figure but, like I said, is very top heavy. Regardless though, the comment was totally unnecessary.

We were all so shocked at the comment, we kind of laughed but were horrified at the same time. He then went on to compliment my other friend, then told me "and you're just . . . you." Which could have meant anything but he THEN went on to tell me that I apparently have weird teeth and a weird mouth. I'm sooooo not going to be paranoid about that now, am I???

In the meantime, we were all still reeling at what he had said about my friend and were verbally attacking him about it. He was not remotely apologetic and tried to justify it by saying "I'm just being honest. If a woman says, do I look fat in this dress, I would just say to her 'it's not the dress that makes you look fat, it's your FAT that makes you look fat.' I'm just telling the truth!"

Now, my blood was boiling by this time. I pointed out that, regardless of whatever he might think, there WAS a difference between someone ASKING if they looked fat and him being honest (even if that was still a bloody rude response) and him just insulting a girl he didn't even know mid conversation.

I'm sure he still had an argument for that, but we couldn't even PRETEND to want to talk to him anymore. What an utter cock. We were pretty relieved when he finally decided to leave.

What is it with some guys that they think they can just spout shit like this at strangers they have just met? Seriously, do they actually think it's going to make us like them? I know that it's a well known fact that girls tend to prefer bad boys, but we don't actually like "arsehole wanker dickheads who tell us we look fat or weird".

And here ends my sermon for the day.

What do you think of this guy's behaviour?


  1. What a cock! Me and some friends were out a little while ago and a guy was trying so hard to pull any one of us, none of us were interested and when he finally realised decided to say that he was 'a student who was using us to conduct an experiment to see how long a desperate bunch of women would talk to him for if he showed them a bit of attention'!!! Yeah, alright mate. Do one dickhead!

  2. He'd have ended up wearing whatever he was fucking drinking. Cunt.

  3. Similar to the person above me, I was going to say that someone should have thrown a drink in that ass's face. There is NO excuse for being rude out of the blue!

  4. What an absolute dick.

    There is being honest, but there is also being a complete asshat.
    The thing that bothers me here is not that he was honest, but that HE WASNT ASKED HIS OPINION! If your friend had of asked for it, and he came back with his comment, then yes its harsh, but she asked him.

    But she didnt! It angers me that others feel that its ok to comment on someone elses body without their permission- because there will always be some dick with criticism. "You're too skinny! Too fat! Too muscular! Too tall!

    I have had many moments like that, before and after I had lost a large amount of weight. One day (when I was at the heaviest I have ever been, around 110kgs) I was minding my own business on my lunchbreak, looking at clothes when a man (around 40ish) approached me to say this little pearler-

    'You make me so sad. You have such a beautiful face, but you are ruining it with being so fat. I would be so attracted to you if you were smaller!'

    WTF? Why was I supposed to care about him finding me attractive? At no point did I say that he was my type at all (which he wasnt for the record.)

    Phew. Sorry about the rant, lol.

  5. OK first of all, you look lovely, so don't spend another second thinking about what he said!

    Second, he probably started with insults because he realised he wasn't gonna get anywhere and his night was ruined, so he wanted to ruin your night as well. Still, behaving like that and being a d!ck doesn't make it right! Some guys are just born to be wankers...

    Third, an award is waiting for you here :)


  6. What the bloody hell!!! This isn't honesty, this is... something else!!I think of myself as quite an honest person but I would still, a) never say those things full stop b) let alone to someone he barely knows c)say my honesty in the politest way possible/not say something horrible!

    My boyfriend is great because if I put on weight and get down about it, he finds the perfect way to say, hey baby you may've put on a little bit recently, but ive barely noticed and you're working hard to get yourself looking how you want to. This for me is the perfect combination of honesty and tact! xxx

  7. Ugh that's such a bitch move. Seriously uncalled for! I had that happened to me too! After I told this guy I was engaged and I wasn't interested he said oh you look pregnant that must be the reason you're getting married! Totally wanted to punch that guy!

  8. Made a mental note.......
    Bad Boys = Good
    Arsehole Wanker Dickheads = not good
    :) Great Post


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